Deco Day, Do a Decodance Dude

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First off I would like to say THANKS to everyone who stopped out either to ride or watch or both. Over 150 riders and more than 300 people total were in attendance. Amazing is the only word that comes to mind. Sweet ass scene we have here and there is no reason it can’t grow. Orlando Skatepark is a bike friendly spot so support who supports you.

A few people called and asked what free stuff we were giving out. That is funny cause a free session should be reason enough to stop by. Guess when  your spoiled  your rotten. Another funny question was “Dude, how much money did you make?” That gives you an idea how people think. Well stop it. We did the thinking for you, no contest, no pressure, just Deco trying to make a solid name and give back. Its was an amazing day and night,  but in the end most people received prizes (even a Self Titled Frame) or at least a free session at the best park in Orlando for bikes. Huge thanks to Etnies, Profile, and Powerbar for the product toss.

Thanks everyone, we will do this again for sure. Holla. -Chad D

Here is a pan of the park just before dark, Deco Day 1

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