October 3rd, 2014
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Chowda…New Deco tees…Chowda…Coplon…DeGroot…TA cover…cosmic…woods…dirt jumps…Thomas Noyer interview…TSUTOMU WINS…instagram videos…chowda…there it is…enjoy…-Chad D

Chad in New England for Jam Chowder

Jam Chowda 2014 crowd

New tees just arrived all cosmic style and some super fine logo square style ones as well…only available HERE.

Deco tees tie dye and more Deco tie dye band Deco strip splatter 2 Deco white splatter Deco Black logo square Deco heather brown square logo Deco heather navy logo square

While at Circuits Vic Bettencourts trails Chad had to borrow Matt Coplons bike and get a session it. Oppo table with a kick out by Coplon

Degroot Tabe Cumberland

Downtown historic style in tight quarters doing a half decade on the pegs Chad D

Degroot Ped Decade

Tight quarters in Pawtucket doing an Ant spin Chad D

Degroot Providence Wall

No brake pressure abubaca with a kind Xup pressed against the sub at Jam Chowda Coplon by @doleckivisuals

Coplon xup abubaca jam chowda by Dolecki

Coplon getting it in with a one foot table over the rail in Pawtucket by Mulville.

Coplon one foot tabe over rail

Keeping the legend Darkside status alive at a famous spot with both hands getting dirty on the tires Chad D doing it for Matt Coplons camera.

Degroot Darkside

@chaddegroot warming up during the flat jam at #newenglandjamchowda this weekend. #flat #profileracing #freecoaster #shred Pic by @matt_coplon

Degroot Chowda Nothing

Front wheel decade and a hand spin behind the back style  Photos by Coplon #newenglandjamchowda

Degroot Backwards Decade Chowda Degroot Mid Bar Flip


Pic by @bostonshawn

Chad D front scoot by @bostonshawn Chad D front decade by @bostonshawn


TA cover boy, ya BOY.


CONGRATS TO TSUTOMU FOR THE WIN…here is a video of some bad ass riders including Tsutomu Kitayama

Chanpru GAME 2014 BMX FLATLAND from 430 CREW on Vimeo.

Coplon few pics in Providence with dubs on a sweet ledge, style on a tight tranny, and a dirt table on the spine at Vics trails.

Coplon dubs ledge Coplon style on the bank Coplon oppo table spine dirt

Great interview with THOMAS NOYER on the invite to the Battle in the Rockies contest. CHECK IT OUT and after his pic and after  you check out the link above check out his 1 minute video that got him the spot invited.


BMX UNION has a great photo spread from Jam Chowda and here is Chad D doing a bar dip…check all the pics and write up HERE.

Chad D Jam chowda on bmxunion


Moment of Zen



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