Went on a Cali Pool trip a few months ago to the North section where weed is legal, the air is crisp, and the pools that were foreclosed are rideable. Profile will be posting the video on their site asap, I hope. Then I will get it all linked here, but for now you only can see the pic. Where are you video?





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This is gonna be good, damn good. The trailer looks awesome and finally does some teasing like a good trailer should. We sucked it in Chicago and all over Wisconsin…

You all need to wait a second till I get all my footage from this trip ready. Matt Coplon and myself were lucky enough to fly planes around downtown Chicago one day on this trip. If I had to sum it up, flying is fucking awesome and I really couldn’t concentrate on bmx much. I fly planes n shit, woop woop. Don’t count on seeing me do any riding at all, just flyin. I am sure is some stunts going down, but you won’t see any from me.

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A study performed by Quicken and the American Mustache Institute (yes, there is an American Mustache Institute) revealed that mustachioed men make more than their bearded and clean-shaven compatriots.
The report, titled “Saving and Spending Patterns of Mustached Americans,” showed mustached men don’t just make a hair more than co-workers, but 8.2 percent more than men sporting beards and 4.3 percent more than clean-shaven men.
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Mr. Bikes n Boards is now open. While we are sad that Mesh is being torn down, we are happy to announce we opened for all your ratty kids needs. We carry the same line, still have James the virgin as the manager, and myself will being doing the day to day. Stop by if your in town or just need some good shit. We are slim on shoes, still trying to open accounts, but we do have a full line of completes and a cardboard cutout of Stone Cold. Come get your pic with him. Continue reading

Stop by one last time to pay respects to Mesh Skatepark. We are closing for good and would like to invite you and all your crazy fucking friends by for some meat, beer, more meat, some liquor, and maybe some bmx will happen. Bring costumes and condoms…

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The End of Mesh Skatepark interview with Brian Tunney on ESPN. This was a long interview, but because of the short attention span of the readers it was cut down to this.

Ride’s Fat Tony also did a write up about the closing of Mesh, this one is more in depth and has some sweet pics like when Taj came to Baco and dressed his bike up like Roscoe, his dog.

Also go211.com one of my sponsors wanted to do a little interview as well…here it is Continue reading

Almost 5 years at this location, tons of Baco’s, tons of fun, way to much alcohol, not enough nudity…sad to say, it is done. Well if you hurry, you have till the 30th. That will be the last open riding day. I want to thank everyone who has ever supported Mesh or anything I have ever done. 5 years was a good haul, and if you add the years at Mission SP, well shit…

I don’t want to drag this out, but we are trying to accomodate the members and everyone with what is fair. Everything is for sale, the ramps, fixtures, the cockroaches and the snakes. There might still be a few rats as well. Stop by and get a deal. Or stop by and take all the ramps and start a park, shit I will help as much as possible.

Don’t be to worried, there will be another outdoor skatepark coming soon from the city. I was told it will be free. Sure as hell it won’t live up to Mesh, but as you and I know, free is a pretty good word in BMX and skating. With that said, there will be a small shop coming soon. So the scene is gonna change, but it won’t be gone.

Thanks again to everyone, and piss off to the fuckers who spray painted the building or snuck in all these years. You all can suck it get bumps on your dicks.

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