If your clicking here your excited about the Tom Villarreal “LIFTED” frame. We can tell you a few tidbits to get you hyped, but most things you have to see in person.

This is a Breakless frame with no threads. No removable tabs, no cable guides, no chain tensioners, no headtube tabs…simple, clean, and smooth as it gets.

Sizes: 20.6″ and 21″

What lifted means to Tom Villarreal…. It means being lifted away from the fucked society we live in today. From the bullshit the government feeds you to the wasted years spent believing in something you have no control over. Do you and what you love, your time will be up before you know it then your stuck in the ground where your feet stayed planted when you had the chance to be LIFTED

75degree  Head Tube

72 degree Seat Tube

13.5″  Rear End

11.7″  MID Bottom Bracket Height

8″  Stand Over height

4lbs. 14oz.

Colors: Potent Purple and VillarReal Teal

MSRP $339.99

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 Get excited bubs.


Tom showing you this frame is tough and strong. Roof gap at height. #lifeislifted #tomknowsdeco

More pics as seen on BMXUNION of Tom’s frame