Sorry for the slack on the posts, kinda nice turning off my computer for 9 whole days. Try it, its a true test. Anyway, here are a few pics that should bring a smile, or internet haters. That’s what comments are for right? I am back on it, Baco is on, well, not really. Deal is, last year we were screwed by a sponsor and now were paying the price. So this year there is no sponsors, no nothing. No prizes, no yummies,¬† no condoms, just Florida Halloween at Mesh Skatepark. Get some. Continue reading

Check this site as much as you can. Its called People of Walmart. You have been there, you have seen this. Walmart is nuts. Every time I go some wild shit is going on…I always come home and tell the wife how nuts it is. Anytime of the day as well. Shit, some are open 24 hours. That is when Mark Mulville goes and knocks fools out. Ask him about that story. Some guy made fun of his girl pants (which you should) and Mark wasn’t feeling it, so he knocked him out. The other day I was there and wanted to take off my shirt and take¬† a pic. Man I am a pussy. If your reading this, send some pics of whatever you can come up with at the best store on earth… Continue reading