Sorry for the slack on the posts, kinda nice turning off my computer for 9 whole days. Try it, its a true test. Anyway, here are a few pics that should bring a smile, or internet haters. That’s what comments are for right? I am back on it, Baco is on, well, not really. Deal is, last year we were screwed by a sponsor and now were paying the price. So this year there is no sponsors, no nothing. No prizes, no yummies,  no condoms, just Florida Halloween at Mesh Skatepark. Get some. Continue reading

Check this site as much as you can. Its called People of Walmart. You have been there, you have seen this. Walmart is nuts. Every time I go some wild shit is going on…I always come home and tell the wife how nuts it is. Anytime of the day as well. Shit, some are open 24 hours. That is when Mark Mulville goes and knocks fools out. Ask him about that story. Some guy made fun of his girl pants (which you should) and Mark wasn’t feeling it, so he knocked him out. The other day I was there and wanted to take off my shirt and take  a pic. Man I am a pussy. If your reading this, send some pics of whatever you can come up with at the best store on earth… Continue reading

Sponsor-me videos have been out since, well since sponsors have been sponsoring people or things. Fuck it, CDC wants to ride for DECO. do I let him? His video is below…watch it, watch it twice. Then watch the skate video that Adam Baker sent to me…holy balls, which one do I sponsor, the skater or the CDC. Touchy decisions being a Bike company owner. Please help me. Continue reading

Interbike 2009 was the unvailing of my new brand Deco.    The show was OK, feet hurt, but that is what beer is for. Vegas isn’t vegas unless you do some wild shit. This year it wasn’t that wild, but I did get a tattoo while McGoo talked for an hour…dam he be funny shit. Mainly talking about gays and bangin Katt von D.

This was the first year for Virgin James, so we tried to show him a good time. Locked him in a bathroom with the entire room. Sorry james, guess he hit his head trying to break free. Actually got his underwear snagged and torn off while he was bangin his head on the tile. That sucks.

There were a lot of mustache representation and some good times at Nora cup. Some tears and some beers. Some got kicked out for life and others motor boated some cleavage. Video is coming soon… Continue reading

Here it is, I can finally say what is going on. The site will still go on, sorry it has been slow. But I have been working a ton on launching my new company called “Deco.”.  We have t-shirts, amazing hats, stickers, and other unmentionables.

Might as well tell you about the name, sounds like Baco. Which is sweet, but it comes from my last name “DeGroot” and “company” put together…Deco. Pretty simple, that is what I like.

Expect some good products and some questionable shirts. If you lucky enough to be attending Interbike, come by my booth and check out my new stuff. There will be two hot girls passing out free hats and stickers all 3 days. Feel free to bring me beer anytime, Interbike tends to get long and a cold frosty one will pass the time nicely.

Here are some pics of the products. This is the start, so sit tight. Some things are still being worked out.

Feel free to click PRODUCTS tab to see more details of products. ESPN did a lil interview as well…




Skatepark meets flatland inspired frames. This is WAY to comfortable and good looking for one person. Go ahead and try two, might need a side cart and a monkey. Who is making the rules? some BMX Succubus? Discover  yourself or who you want to be. Be a monkey, make rules, succumb to the Succubus (its only a dream), or just do it cause if feels right.


rear end


People want things that are inspired from the 4 piece handlebar feel, the 2 piece “FuBars” have the look and feel you want. Made from Multi-butted chromoly,  these bad boys will let  you hold the metal you have needed since you listened to Iron Maiden.

bars 2


It was a  game I have always played. Why pretend it’s impossible. Call them Forks, call them necessary on your bike?…Inspired with front brakes in mind, these steep 28mm rake FU-Forks come with with removable 990 tabs. These bad boys will help your nose wheelies, with our without front brakes. Don’t be an Embarrassment to front wheel tricks. Do that front wheel boogie.

forks side whole



Unfortunately we all can’t rely on the rear brakes. Silly Slick cables designed for front brake use. Not linear. Your not doing bar spins trying to figure out which way to wind up. You can try, but we took the guess work out of knowing which cable to use with front brakes. My spies will tell you, “Slick-ISH Cables in the front Bro.” Thanks Spies…

Intended for front brake use or mild rear brakes. Doing a million bar spins is never good for any cable. They invented the rotor or the new style, no brakes (which I figured out meant no cables). Do the math.


In the olden days, people were hired to hold a cover over ones head. These days, hats are all hands free. Still a great idea having a partner managing what falls on your head, but a little silly don’t you think? Whether your balding, graying, or haven’t decided what hair style fits you. These hats will let you think of more important things, like enhancing your mustache.


Have you ever been out riding around when you need a coffee? Pop? Run into a store for some candy? A beer? Well I have decided to spend the day coming up with a ton of ideas that will work in most situations when you don’t have a bike lock. No bushes, trees, signs, bears, palletts, bikes, or Bums were hurt in this experiment. What did happen was during this process I had to shit really bad, so I threw my bike in the bushes and ran like hell to the bathroom of the Boston Market (Dang gravy). When i came out my bike was gone.

Continue reading

If you don’t know, now you do. These are not my words, but they are pretty fucking kind regardless. Thanks to for the brief history lesson on BACO. What more do you need to learn, pick up all 10 of the Baco series and drop out of school. Baco is all you need to know. Click on the covers below to see full shots.

Also, this site did the history of Chad DeGroot, the PG rated version. That’s me!!! Not to bad, thanks

Sorry this post is slacking in the R rated content, but Interbike is on my mind, and I had to throw some BMX in here Continue reading