The first vid is from the last jam at Mesh, RIP. Pretty good shit, check dat shit out son.

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Then the Profile part two of our trip to Cali Bra. Mulville kills it.

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Telling me my site is sweet is really nice. Telling me you think I need to update it makes me wanna ask for submissions. Do you think I just sit around all day and thumb my dumper? My thumb might not smell that nice, but at least I am trying to get some shit on this site. Come out to the BMX comp at the cement park, watch this skate video that is amazing, and check out “ME” talking like an idiot. Or skip all that and scroll down to the bottom and nude girls jumping into foam pits, think they are Perfect 10 models. How is that for an update, suck it then. Continue reading

Mesh is done, what happened to it? Why did Mesh go under? are those bars hollow? Do people come in here? Is anything Free?

These are some of the things people say to us everyday at the new shop. So to celebrate, were gonna load you up with Red Bull, high fructose corn syrup, beer, random meat, and some good time BMX fun at Mr. Bikes N Boards on Feb. 6th from 11-7.

If your gay and scared to stop by, we have something to help you. Stop by and we will introduce you to our virgin bike tech. He has a million gay jokes that will guarantee you will loosen up.

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Don’t want a Danse competition? click here and see what big boy posters you can get from your favorite riders and not so fav’s

All proceeds will go to my vasectomy, thanks everyoneOSP or the Orlando skatepark has been gracious enough to allow another bike sesh…so hit it up and practice up for the tournament coming in February. Should be “no pussy for me” James on the mic, “know any good black jokes” Brumlow, and “when I was a pro, holy shit those were the days” chad degroot will be running the shit. Sit tight for the flyer and exact dates. Continue reading