I am sure that I have used the work “Stoked”. But the video I posted at the bottom takes it to a new level. Speaking of new level, congrats to James Covington for not being a virgin. Don’t think he shit his pants during the act as well. Pretty sure he is going to hell for not being married. The lord will take care of him. Go to church and wash your dick now. Hope no bumps pop up, just squeeze them if they do…good job buddy.

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When you have a lot of time on your hands, like when you break down on the side of the road. A good thing to do is text everyone in your phone and tell them to send a joke. That will make the time pass a little faster. I had to do that a few years ago and jokes are still coming in, some pretty sweet ones at that. Thanks everyone. Then there is texting everyone in your phone to send a great nudie pic. What do you like better? Continue reading

Did a post like this awhile ago, but this shit is always funny as hell. Blew some snot out of my nose on the rake with hot dogs on each blade, would be better if the rake was all plastic…humans are awesome…

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There are people who put up old footage then there are people who put up Baco footage. You can hate or you can sit back and watch a sweet video. Fuck it, hate on it, leave some comments and make them good.

35 minutes. You read that right, make some popcorn, make a small fire, put on your seat belt, and Welcome to Baco 9. Released in May of 2001, this video brings the Baco Boys up to date after a 2 year hiatus. Starring Chad DeGroot, Dave Freimuth, Dylan Worsley, Jimmer Rienstra, Luc-e, Kerry Gatt, Aaron Behnke, Andrew Faris, Ruben Alcantara, Brian Kachinsky, and many others. Features many classic tidbits including Super Greg and the world according to Andrew Faris. Continue reading

So, I told you I was a fan, then I got naked. Then people keep emailing me with photos that are funny as hell. Then I go back on and get naked. Take a few days off. Haven’t been on in a long time, that means a day or so.

Now I have a great reason to go on…check this vid. My Chatroulette video is coming soon. But for now, enjoy this on.

Here is the newest pic of the FuForks from Deco with and without 990 tabs. They will be here soon, so holla my way if you want any goods. The first order is pretty small so it will go fast…Get me an email of what you want and I will put your orders out first…thanks.

FuForks 1

CLICK HERE, only at night when your drunk and high. The wife and me went on last night and couldn’t stop laughing. Sucked that the first two strangers we saw were jacking off, but it did get way better after that. My cock even came out and then the party started. I did get the JESUS comment more than a few times which made me realize that my beard is out of hand and people either want to pray to me or burn me. One person actually asked to see my hands, to see if there was holes in them. That is where this joke comes in, “why can’t jesus eat M+M’s?” “Cause they fall through the holes in his hands”

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I have been going to Las Vegas for over 15 years and have ridden my bike once. I really didn’t want to the time I did. Come on, beer, drugs, hookers, strip clubs, gambling, and no bar time. Why the hell would you ride there? Last year I realized that with the crappy economy there would be pools empty. What I didn’t know is that with how small that town is, its really shady outside the strip. Shit, the strip is shady I guess to. So finally I planned to go just to ride and not hang on the strip or gamble. We did ride everyday, but the nights were consumed with gambling roulette and drinking mass amounts of cold beer.

Here is the profile version of the trip, the Madera one will follow. Keep in mind that Deco. finally got the team together. Tom is nuts, Dave doesn’t stop, and myself…shit man, Slidaz. Continue reading