I wish I knew how to smoke this good at such a young age. My kid about this age and he wouldn’t have a clue. But I guess some practice and anything is possible. Start training tonight son.

The second video was done on my commuter bike. Hang 5’s are really easy on this, it took one try. When I did this edit, I went back and rode my real flat bike and it seemed like a finger bike. No homo.

Lastly, for all of those worried about how much porn I put in these posts, this one is porn free. The next one might not be…

This video below is care of James Covington. He put some pegs on my ride and told me to do shit. So I did. Don’t forget to click the video player to your right called Embedr, there are some sweet ass videos on there. No Homo.


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Of hit up Master Blaster Planet

I finally had a free day to get down to Tampa and ride the 4 fingers park. They don’t have bikes on Wednesday so we all went to SPOT for Mr. Coplons birthday. The whole drive down I counted how many churches I passed and wondered what it would be like to choke like Charles Bronson. Well I counted 18 and I don’t think Mr. Bronson would have the balls to choke me. But if his sweet mustache smiled at me, I would have to give in. Continue reading

Photos by James Covington

Name: Chad Superman DeGroot

Age: Feel like 22 today, but if you have to know, I was born in 1974

Sponsors: Profile, Deco., Go211.com, Powerbar, Mr. B’s, and most beer companies

How are you?
Pretty well acually, thanks for asking. Been waking up real early and getting shit done son.

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chad d dig 2

Oh ya by the way, the shipment is here. Were doing orders and shipping asap…HEEEAAWWWW

Trying to get news from Tom is amazingly hard to do. I know he is always up to a lot. He is going on Road Fools with Madera real soon. He also changed his style up a lil bit.

This is how I caught up to him, text interview. He doesn’t know were doing an interview for the first part then he steps it up. Pretty sure were gonna do some more of these. Pretty funny…thanks Tom. Got ya bitch.

Tom text interview 1Tom text interview 2Tom text interview 3Tom text interview 4Tom text interview 5Tom text interview 6Tom text interview 7Tom text interview 8Tom text interview 9Tom text interview 10Tom text interview 11Tom text interview 12

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Mr. B’s and Altamonte Springs Civic center are doing a trade show tomorrow night from 7-9. Free junk, buy crap, or just swing by and drink beer (I think you can).

Holla, come out and see some strippers and pole dancing.

Westmonte Park
624 Bills Lane
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714
From the intersection of I-4 and SR 436, proceed west on SR 436 for approximately one mile, turn right on Spring Oaks Blvd, proceed for approximately one-half mile, turn left on to Bills Lane.
For more information contact Chad or James at 407-790-4964.

Picture below isn’t even close to what is going down tomorrow, but its pretty impressive huh?


This is a tribute to all the mothers and the kids they produced. Some of the clicks below have some Deco. posts that make you wonder what the mothers of these kids do. Others are just pics that will leave you with some questions. Sorry I no idea what goes on sometimes. Happy Mother’s Day everyone.

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With so many great photos on the interweb, its hard to just post 3. Each of these will bring some questions to the table. The first pic makes you want to know how much sex to you have to make that many kids. Just a fuck load of kids. Lots of sessions.

The second pic, Cher. Not much more to say…cher her.

Lastly, with all the mustache craze happening the last few years, we all lost touch with a good mullet. Who is gonna step up and sesh a hair flap?


Just received notice that all Deco. goods are in the country. They are sitting in New York right now waiting on customs. Once cleared they will be in transit down here to Florida. So I really don’t have a date when the goods will be here, but I am sure it will be pretty soon. Sorry for the delay. So close.

Holla at me (chad@decobmx.com) if you want to book an item, the frames are almost sold out. So get me your info, address, color, etc. and I will make sure your goods are sent out first.