Gotta love the 80’s, well if you were born. Screw it, look back and see what really went on. Everyone makes fun of us for dressing up every time we have a party at our house. Shit, we have a closet full of gear like this. Turn down the suck, turn up the good. Go 2 11.

Get Mad crazy son.

Break your new iphone 4, fuck life.


There are some new pics for Deco. CLICK HERE

Plus some new Deco. Dealers, so go support us or tell your grandma you need some new shit. If  your a shop or want to become a dealer. Contact us asap and we can make your dreams come true.

Every once in awhile both James and me will be away from the shop. This one Sunday Greg worked for us at the shop and we got a session in…it was about 100 degrees out and the poop plant had a breeze that gave us a buzz. If you ride this park, make sure if the wind is right, you enjoy the fumes from someone elses ass. James knocked out an ice fakie and ends it with the dubs to 180. Chad threw in some work and still does slidaz… Continue reading

Father’s day weekend was sweet. A friend of mine told me about making it the whole weekend. Why didn’t I think of that? Here’s how it goes. Friday counts, Saturday, and obviously Sunday. but if your trying to push it you might even get a Thursday out of it. If you ever get up off the couch and do something, here is your chance to not have to do that. Beer, check. TV, check. Massage, check. You name it, and it lasts for days. It really helps if you have another father next to you egging you on the whole time. Also helps cause sometimes you run out of ideas and your fellow father can bring light to the situation. I mean, its father’s day weekend right? Holla all dads and who are trying to get but don’t know it.

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Keep it real, have Godzilla hug your back for Father’s Day.


I have never really been a fan of forums, but I did join this one…get some

Happy Father’s Day to all dads. The pic below will make any father horny.

Keep it real. Son.



This is  a guy. Guess what he wants for Father’s Day besides his dad to feel him up?


When I posted this horrible tattoo on my twitter, I only received one comment. Guess who it was from and win a prize. No, it wasn’t jesus or the devil. Hope that helps. Are they on Twitter?

If you have a shitty tattoo, or if people think you have a shitty tattoo, send a pic over and we are going to give out a prize to the best and worst. We will post the good ones (that means the bad ones).

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Sorry for the change to the site. Its been shut down twice and scolded firmly more than a few times. This doesn’t mean its going to stop doing what its doing. Just had to put the products as the featured page. Gotta eat. Click on the News Blog to see everything you need.

Anyways…When you type in it goes right to the Ride site…I love the internet.

The new BMX Plus just arrived HERE. Stop in and check it out or try and get a copy. This issue has news of Chad DeGroot being on PowerBar, featured Deco. logo tee in the T-shirt buyers guide, and the Deche series FAT seat. This will show you there that there is a buzz for Deco. goods. Don’t forget to support the fine dealers that carry and support. Continue reading

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If you can’t find a Dealer or have general questions, please call direct 407-790-4964

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