My #1 employee helped take this pic below. When I posted it on Flikr and Twitter a lot of response was do I still ride flatland. Or as some people call it “flizzzzatland.”

I do ride as much as I can. Some times it isn’t possible to ride. So when I do it is as sweet as it was years ago. Never a bad time, unless my bike fucks up.

The flatland version is coming soon. Samples are done and some are being ridden. So expect them hopefully sooner than later.

If you want to get a fresh new trucker hat, click here and one will be sent your way…thanks.

chad front wheel boogie

This is amazing and we are going to session these asap. What a great concept.

dog bacon burger

The hats are in…new design this time…Holla at one of these.

Deco trucker hats

Buy dem truckers hats n shit HERE shipped right to your house or trailer

Madera needed a poster pic of Tom, so we decided to head up to Gainsville, Florida to sesh the campus, city, and the new local free cement park.

Your going to have to wait for the poster to come out, but till then, here are a few pics of Tom trying to kiss an old man. They  were both talking about doing a 90 year old lady…wild conversation for sure.

“Hey Tom, what  you been up to?” “Nothing, working at a surf shop on the beach”

“Hey Chad, are you going to interview Jason Levy?”  “Ffffffuck yes. He is nuts, I am on that shit for sure. Will get that on Deco asap”

Coming soon, Jason Levy interview, Tom V bike check video, Mat Olson bike check, and Chad’s Deco Day.

Tom in Gainsville 1

Quick nose to nose wheelie…Hip hop on that nose

Tom in Gainsville 2

As we rolled up to the gainsville park, it poured. But Florida weather will dry that shit as fast as it comes down.

gainesville skatepark

gainsville skatepark 2

Don’t forget to check out all the new pics HERE

There are a lot of pics on this post. Some of you might like that, most won’t.

When your on the road, you find the weird shit amusing.

We all had a lot of time on our hands, so we kept using our phone app called Pano. No, no Porno, PANO.

Porno doesn’t need an app I don’t think. Does it?

Thanks to Matt, Profile, and Danny for a sweet trip.

This first pic is funny. I needed a bed to sleep on, so an easy cheap way was to get a blow up mattress. This one was easy cause the girl on it is hot…

Profile trip 33

If your on Twitter, hit me up CHADBACOMESH. There is a tab that lets you see nearby tweets in your area. This is some girl in our neighborhood who posts nudes a lot…

Profile trip 32

This guy fell asleep playing that game Kobudo or some shit. Passed out…gotta love business.

Profile trip 31

This is the #1 pic of the trip. Jeff K gave me this and said “doesn’t this look like Tony Malouf?”

Would you?

Profile trip 30

The house we stayed at was sweet minus the dog shit…this ramp was out back…pretty nice.

Profile trip 29

This was the crew. Jeff K’s head is real thin, Matt’s neck is real thin, larry is looking the wrong way, and myself…shit, just tough.

Profile trip 27

Dogs killed the house everyday. Ate everything and shit everywhere.

Profile trip 25

Jeff would not stop eating cheese…his quote “I am from wisconsin”

Profile trip 24

Not sure what is going on here.  The party was mostly inside, but and easy way to get outside was through the window.

Profile trip 23

Danny, thanks for letting us stay…

Profile trip 22

More dog shit.

Profile trip 20

I love expired sandals, specially when cigs garnish them.

Profile trip 17

Dogs had a session. Funny thing was they only ate carpet and fake plants to produce this mess.

Profile trip 16

The shit was everywhere. Was almost a common thing each day. We had to wear shoes at all times in the  house.

Profile trip 15

The culprit

Profile trip 14

More cheese.

Profile trip 12

Pano of the ramp.

Profile trip 10

Pano in the van 360 degree shot

Profile trip 9

This spot was sweet. Bank to shit pipe.

Profile trip 7

Mark with sass

Profile trip 6

Not sure what Mark is doing here.

Profile trip 5

The last night the dogs got loose and tore up the upstairs then shit some more.

Profile trip 4

This is what the stores look like in SC, 40 heaven

Profile trip 3

On acid at the airport

Profile trip 2

The future?

Profile trip 1

Mat Olson (that is how you spell it I swear) has been added to the Deco. team recently. For those who don’t know him, click on the 3rd video below and find out a little something something about Mat and how he rolls with the Colorado crew. The other two vids are just some amazing riding.

More news coming soon.

Welcome Mat…

Matt Olson Bio “SHORT” from Alex Raban on Vimeo.

Matt Olson Bio “Natural Born Killer” from Alex Raban on Vimeo.

The first I heard of Tony was while we were filming for Baco 10. Freimuth told me about some dude in  Minnesota who could spin anything. He also can puke on command. Both will take you far in our sport. He had pretty much one of best sections in Baco 10. If you have a chance, take another look. We all wish him the best on his speedy recovery. -Chad DeGroot and the Florida crew

Tony crashed real bad at the trails on monday.. fractured his skull in a few places.
he had emergency surgery and he’s doing really well despite the severity of the injury..
he has no insurance and I’m organizing this jam to help him out with the upcoming bills.
I also applied for for the ARF athletes recovery fund on his behalf.
it’s a shitty situation for him already.. he shouldn’t stress about bills…
here is the flier so far…
Todd Johnson
-Declare Peace.


CLICK HERE to see Tony after his operation and also take a peek at a trailer for Baco and his youtube video…all a must see…

If your a little squeemish, don’t click on the link above. Its pretty serious. Get better little buddy.

On a lighter note, Deco. is now available at Hardcore Sportz.

Karl has a sweet shop and an online store…holla at him and ask him about the famous “Nest”

hardcore sportz

This pool is insane. It is so big and full of possibilities. These pics, care of James Covington, are just a sample.

The pool is so big that the shallow end will never fill up with the Florida rain. So some quickrete action will be going down. Why wouldn’t it?

This first pic is a gap over the corner ladder and avoiding the crazy pole jam. Looks like I have  sweet pony tail action.

Chad pool 1

This is a classic. The tranny was so tight it was hard as hell to get up der…

Chad pool 2

180 the corner ladder and fell a couple times cause the filmer didn’t get the clip. I fell on my thumb, dumb thumb now…feels real crappy.

Chad pool 4

This is a pedal hang 5 in the shallow end. Trying to avoid the animal bones everywhere. The poor fellows would fall in the pool and not get out…bones everywhere. Boners all over to.

Chad pool 3

If  you care to see more pics, CLICK HERE

Deco day

Here is a short list of some tweets coming from this GUY

Why don’t you go ahead and follow? These are just a few. Some get better and some get bad. But at least I am not putting any Aaron Ross tweets like “I am gonna bake a cake.” Fuck, I just put one. Sorry.

Sounded like a duck execution

Say a racial slurr to enter

I am gonna be black for saturday

Unsolicited naked cockness

My name is Lola. That means stick it in my ass.

I met my dad at the bathroom…he just finished. Kinda awkward

“I am a grandmother, I can smoke pot now”

See nearby tweets, this one is priceless

Just peed in the toilet n brushed my teeth at the same time…finally got a electric toothbrush

Just became friends with miracle whip on facebook. Don’t tell that white sass that it’s just sass

I am gonna put my iPhone in one of those goodwill dumpsters

“I want an area rug made of the pubic hairs of virgins”

Ying ling, good Chinese beer

“I was on acid hunting those wooden deer”

“I wanna Jack u off with my mouth”

There are clowns in my coffee

Letters form words , education tonight

Tell me what this says ?????????????????????????(????)????????

“my phone is not in my eye”

Guess I pissed off the king with a tweet. Guess who the king is and win a boner…

Soap noose

Must be nice to be able to fit yer hand to the bottom of a pringles can

Some people have some fucked up jobs. I drink beer at work n give myself wedgies

Gonna go fuck the wife now

I just saw sears on facebook. Fuck I ya I have a boner n gonna be friends with sears…

I had meth dreams last night, n snorting snowballs, you would mix them together, cause it’s wet

What if there was a commercial that you’ll go blind if u use the other persons contacts?

We were doing it n my head started bleeding

“If my ass could do what a punch ball does…” wife quote #2

“Why not 2 in the pink n 2 in the stink… Like star trek”