I truely apologize for the overload of BMX in these posts, but sometimes I get excited. Specially since I am running a company now. But as you know, I can’t forget the Deco. roots. I will be out of town for bit. Going to Korea then Taiwan. Doing some riding, some judging, then some sightseeing. Didn’t want you to think I was getting soft. So here you go. Enjoy these pics cause I won’t be doing a post for a week. Holla holla holla.

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If you don’t know Kerry Gatt, watch the edit below. Long time Baco Boy now residing on the West coast living it up. He moved over here from New Zealand and we instantly got him in Baco 6. This kid has history with Baco. I could go on and on about Kerry and his style that changed flatland and made people open their eyes.

Good to have ya rocking some gear. Thanks.

To read more about the Baco history, CLICK HERE. 23mag.com does an amazing job and keeping current the timeline.

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We got this clip before we were told to turn off the camera.
I really wanted to come in with a 540 pivot to fakie to slider, but the man wasn’t having it. It will happen.

Rules are rules. I will be back to conquer this front wheel boogie. Some kid told me it looked like I was figure skating when I did that link. Fucking kids say some shit huh?

Maybe I’ll just put it in Baco 11.

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Mike Meister has a blog and its pretty entertaining to say the least. We have been going back and forth a lot lately and he decided to interview me for his site. He mentions starting bmx when we had Baco 8 video hitting the world. There are a lot of people who grew up on the Baco series, and we all have our favorites. I personally love #6, but each one has good ass memories.

Now I am babbling, so before I start writing some weird shit, CLICK HERE to read about what Mike really wanted to know about me….

How was DECO Days? Looked like a good turn out. funny about all the haters fuckin’ up your steaze mang…

Anyway. I would like to start the interview with this…
Chad Degroot- Describe yourself in 7-15 words.

Thought we started already with the last email?
Shit, that was good, will start over if you want.

Thanks again for the interview Mike…

Check out the write up on Fubar 2. Why do they need to even talk about it, its a done deal, see it.

The original site for the first movie is pretty epic as well.

Here is a sneak peak of Fubar 2 so fucking good…watched this shit 5 times already.

I hate laughing, fuck. Shit sucks.



Mike Meister interviewed me, its pretty good, thanks Mike. Click here to read on…

I went on a trip a few years back to Tallahassee to film and ride with some friends. We all were having a great time till one day I went into the bathroom at the hotel we were at and there it was. Excessive amounts of toilet paper perfectly forming what birds do to make a NEST. Making a nest should be familiar to most people who travel. I have done them here and there. But this was a first. A nest in our very own hotel room. Come on. Who did it? Who did it? No one fessed up. It came down to either Tony Malouf or Karl. Then Tony was ruled out. So who does that leave you with? You do the math. To this day, he still won’t admit guilt for the now famous NEST. Its time to come clean Karl. So if your at this jam he is holding and Deco. is sponsoring, ask him why.

Hardcore Sportz is an authorized Deco. dealer. Holla.



Slow day today. Found this pic from the trip out to JOMO pro. Saw digital undergrounds singer doing the humpty dance with that nose…anyone follow me?

Pretty sure that is Brumlow telling him his best black jokes.

Check out Scott Powell in the for ground wishing he could do the humpty dance and not get beat by me on his bike in a flatland contest in Hawaii.

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