If you don’t know Kerry Gatt, watch the edit below. Long time Baco Boy now residing on the West coast living it up. He moved over here from New Zealand and we instantly got him in Baco 6. This kid has history with Baco. I could go on and on about Kerry and his style that changed flatland and made people open their eyes.

Good to have ya rocking some gear. Thanks.

To read more about the Baco history, CLICK HERE. 23mag.com does an amazing job and keeping current the timeline.



To get the FuBars, Logo Grips, and FlexFit hat that Kerry is wearing, click HERE

Gatt also has a few clips in Baco 9. I don’t have any other Baco’ online, otherwise I would post them…

Baco 9 from bmxmdb.com on Vimeo.