Mat is from Lake Havasu Arizona but bounces around Colorado enough to be called a local. He has blown out his front teeth more than a few times, but gets right back up and proceeds to kill it on a bike. I caught up with him a few times to get this done. Its pretty funny and you will learn something about Mat. End result is he is a part of the Colorado scene and lives the BMX life. Work for awhile, then travel and chill, but ride the whole time. I sent him a camera to get some filming done for web edits and he went out and made some porn. How can you hate a kid like that? He also has a true passion for the SKID. Anyways, here is his little interview. I am pretty sure he was drinking beer out of a straw when he answered a lot of these questions. We didn’t even get into the fact he swallowed a nail when he was younger. The pics to prove it are at the bottom…guess this is part 1?

Chad-what happened to the missing “T” on your first name? Did you sell it?

Mat-My mom Says she didnt want everyone to associate my name with a door mat  thats why she left one of the T’s out… I told her to spell door mat and it turns out that i am just more special than all of the other matt’s out there

Chad-Its really nice of your  mom to think of a door mat while naming you. Door mat is spelled with one “t” though, so I am not sure if she hides her drugs or her money under her door mat?

Mat-I am going to have to check, either way i am coming up!

Chad-Coming up? Shit, someone needs to pull the Mat our from under you

Mat- Maybe thats the reason people try to walk all over me.

Chad-tell everyone a secret you have that no one knows? It can be that you shot porn the other night.

Mat-Well to tell you the truth I shot porn for the third time the other night and only we know haha

Chad-That is sweet you have 3 chicks to shoot porn with. Good job.

Mat- In the words of a great philosopher ” Bmx is great but porn makes the world go around”

Chad-why BMX and not climbing mountains or being a logger?

Mat-Because you could get hurt moumtain climbing, and logging is too easy!

Chad-Have you ever logged a log?

Mat- I beat up a swamp logger, practically the same thing…

Chad-would you ever fight a broad?

Mat-I have and I will again.

Chad-Would you fight your mom to get that “t” back? Does your mom wear a t-back?

Mat- No I didnt like that T from the beginning. If you saw my mom in a t-back you might not want to start any static!

Chad-Send pics of your mom, and ask her to model the T-back. I’ll be the judge.

Chad-you don’t have a bank account yet you work all the time. Do you work for free like community service or do you just get special hj’s as payment?

Mat-I do the community a service and I work for family most the time so ya pretty much work for free. I do what I can wherever I am so I can eat but I tore my acl when I was younger, and I lived off of my credit card. Not being at work got me fired and my bills went to collections= No bank account!

Chad-So  your running from the law?

Mat- No I am completely legal thats what cost so much. I just paid off my fines and payed a shit ton to get my license back after not having it for lik3   years    I  am just running from reality from time to time.

Chad-Stop running from reality, I saw the pic, your heal clickers are top notch

Mat- Gracias!

Chad-where do you hide your money?

Mat-I always hide my money under my middle console in my car. I am always in that thing

Chad-I thought that was a secret? Probably going to tell Troy McMurry to stop by and get your money.

Mat- Now thats what I call motivation to get a bank account!

Chad-what is the best thing you like about BMX? Worst?

Mat-My favorite thing about bmx is a nice clean tire skid.and I really hate crashing. I feel old

Chad-Clean tire skid? you are  doing some hippie skids?

Mat- Ya.. High velocity downhill power skids. Ever done one? Its a rush!

Chad-I am twice your age and when I was half your age I had a tire sponsor and those things were shredded daily. I use to do one long ass skid till my tire blew, top that rookie.

Mat-We should contact GuineBook of World Records and attempt the longets skids in history. I know the perfect hill out here in Colorado.

Chad-your from Arizona but bounce around from Nevada and Colorado. Being true to Colorado have you ever shotgunned a coors in a hippie hot springs?

Mat- I have shotgunned a hippie at a coors hot springs does that count? I love Colorado.

Chad-It only counts If you have an 80’s hairy bush.

Mat- Fact!  87

Chad-if you had the choice to add 6 inches to your cock and give up your favorite trick or take away 6 inches and get one trick in return, what would those tricks be?

Mat-If I could gain another six inches on my cock at the cost of my favorite trick that trick would be heel clickers. If I had to choose a trick for losing six inches it would have to be flair double downside whips.

Chad-Do you really do heel clickers?

Mat- I have been known to pull out the dirt bike manuvers

Chad-thank you.

Mat-No thank you!    should i do shout outs?

Chad-Nope, but I guess  you will anyway. Ohh ya, did you get those socks yet?

That is how much Deco. cares about the riders, we give them socks to make their feet happy. Just don’t tell anyone which brand they are…please.

Check these links out to.

Mat Olson and Mike Meister along with shredders Yellow, Duncan, and of course Clay all holding it down in Colorado for the newest scene report. Pick it up and read up on what each of these dudes are up to and the scene. Its only going to get better, Clay at Pusher started Pusher BMX shop. So if your anywhere near that area, go check them out. If you see Leif, tell him I said what’s up. Also, if you see Baker, switch a shoe lace with him when your drunk. You’ll wake up the next day and wonder what happened.

I am pretty confident that this link will be enlightening for any male out there. Go ahead and sit your lady down to watch this and watch her face. Leave a comment below with her reaction. Continue reading

New color FuBars just arrived in Metal Blue and Metal Orange 8″ rise and 5 degrees up and 8 degrees back and 27″ wide. New laser etched crossbar logo.

V2 FuBars with 8″ or 9″ rise and 5 degrees up and 8 degrees back also come in 2 degrees up and 12 degrees back. Gray, Raw, and Black.

The V2 FuForks come either with or without 990 tabs in Metal Blue and Metal Orange. New laser etched logo on the sides of the legs. V’d out steer tube for less weight and if you run front brake cables it clears the tire easier.

Deco. logo clear black grips are now in to. Also available in Black as well.

Internal headset now comes with 5mm and 10mm spacers. Available in black or silver only.

Lastly, not pictured, the 330mm pivotal seat post black only.

This might be a little past due, but better late than never right?

There was a good mix of riders here for some wild ass times is South Korea. If you know anything about Korea you know they hate the north, or maybe the north hates the south. Either way its pretty hostile not far from where we were and I didn’t find that out till after I got back to the states. My mom was freaking out all worried, but I assured her I would kick some ass if I had to. She understood.

This is just the riding portion of the trip, there were some really wild ass people we filmed, so that edit will be out in a few years or so. Until then, enjoy some Beastie Boys and check check it out. Continue reading

While I was on this last trip, an idea was passed onto me that actually worked out amazing. If you have an iphone or conference call capability, here it is. Call one person, then tell them to hang on for a second. Hurry and call the next person then merge the call. So basically they start talking to each other and don’t know who called who. Caller ID doesn’t show up and you can join two strangers or in this case Mike who was buzzed and Duncan who was about to go on a date. Duncan can’t pass up a call, he has to answer and talk, so he is always a good call. Mike, well I got him off guard but he was more than willing to catch up with Duncan. Duncan does comedy now, but Andrews does comedy daily. This is a 20 minute call that is too funny. Remember that Mike is really good friends with Jason Levy, so you don’t know what he is going to say.

This is the start of the conference calls. I am going to line more up. If you know a battle or a good combo, put your suggestions in the comments below.

Lastly, Duncan has a radio show and we called in last week. So if you want to shout out to him on the air, we will be doing it big soon and giving out the call in number. Continue reading

I was waiting in an office the other day. Some old dude came out with his wife, or mistress. As the receptionist asked him how he is doing I swear he said “I’m still on that ass”. This is a problem my wife and me have. We think that other words would be funnier than the ones we hear daily. So we focus on that and its always funnier talking to people. So that aside, I really do think the old man said that. I am not making this shit up. It will be sweet being old cause you can be a dick and say anything. But when your old you don’t know. Just like if you said it would be sweet to go back to high school now knowing what you know now.

So these are my words of advice, act old, be a dick, and make up shit to make situations and conversations better.

I have taken some amazing pics, but recently there has been nothing to take a pic of. That sounds like crap and is. So I decided to go out and take a few pics of real people in real situations. This can be tough if you suck at it. Try taking a strangers pic without getting your ass beat. It really isn’t hard if you know what your doing, shit, you don’t even have to ask.

This first pic was to good to be true. Let me tell you how I see it through my eyes. This Kwik Mart is really sketchy even during the day. So I really wanted the sign in the corner to make it clear where the pic was done. The two people on the left are wearing blankets or snuggies. The lady in the snuggie or tarp is talking to the other lady about how if you think your pregnant your body will start acting like your pregnant. Either they are doing this to make money off some fools who stuck it and filled it up or they are really crazy and want meaningful conversation out front the Kwik Mart. The two other ladies are slobs and can’t stop texting while the tarp lady talks to them. All of this is happening while one of their kids is hanging out of the sunroof eating a huge piece of bread. That is my favorite part. I took about ten pics till I got this one. They knew I was there pointing a camera at them.

This pic is sad yet everyone has seen this. If you haven’t, you don’t shop in the right area of town. Notice the sign “$2.59 4 pack 16 oz. cans”. I would have bought this dude that deal if he didn’t have the other 3 cans of his 4 pack under his mint white cowboy hat next to his brand new recycle grocery bag.

This might be a better angle to show the satire I want the photo mean.

This was a gamble shot, but how could I loose. It was these two humans facing me, two pics later I got this. Just a little bit of satire. I cropped it to show the “Hurry & save up to $1500” sign meaning these two humans are in a hurry. Lastly, go out someday and try to take pics of people without their phones slammed to their face.

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We are back up and trucking. Sorry ya’ll for the down time. It sucked, and its pretty much not over yet. Hackers can suck it. Thanks to Mr. Grub himself for all the help and crap that it took to get the site back rolling. Click on his tab on the right…BMX GRUB.

This is the first post back and there are a lot of events coming up, so check all the flyers and hit them up if your in their areas and support sum…

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