Every once in awhile there are some pics that get over looked. Here are a few that have been sitting on my desktop for awhile and needed to get used. If you have ever been to JoMo Pro or Joplin skatepark you might recongize the nicest dude ever, Chuck Dodge ripping it up. Then Ride does wallpaper shots that appeared in previous issues, Mat Olson doing a handplant out of a Colorado skatepark. The original Mission skatepark crew got together for a sweet wedding and we had a second to capture the whole crew before the alcohol kicked in. Lastly the required tit shot…meow.

Chuck Dodge Rocking the Deco. Deche series slim seat and pivotal post. Backwards manuel to 360 hop out. Sequence by Mary Kaiser.

Mat Olson handplant out from RideBMX scene report in Colorado. Wallpaper.

Original Mission Skatepark Crew…what a shady bunch. How the hell can you get this many fools together?

Lastly, here is a nice tit shot with a cat…meow

We have the legit DecoBMX only twitter now. You can still hit me up on the other one, or hit us up on both…twitterz

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Also, the plastic pedals are here.

If you have questions how strong these are, check the pic below, Mat Olson testing out the Silver boys with a flip to flat.

Colors are Clear, Clear Black, and the best shit ever…Vacuum Plated Silver. 13.6 oz.

We have chosen to learn from the past and roll the clock back the the beginning. Filled with chromoly axle goodness and loaded with the plastic freshness expected from a quality 10 pin plastic pedal. Move over black and clear,  even a person who notices nothing will notice chrome and ask “Are those metal”? You can laugh and say “Nope, their plastic”, then twist your mustache and roll into the sunset.

Mat enjoying Florida to its fullest, Natty Ice, ketchup, dollar hot dogs, swiss rolls, and a ton of casselberry dirt.

There are a lot of people who think old videos, mainly VHS, shouldn’t be on the internet or its sucking your own dick a little bit. It really can go both ways, but Efraim interviewed a few folks about the matter and its pretty interesting the views people had on this matter. I actually put in my 2 cents as well. Click the link below and read up.


Also, Catfish and BHunt stopped by to buy some slices of pizza for the kids and Mulville, do some magic tricks, and sesh the casselberry scene. They were actually on there way to Cali and stopped by. Do the math…Ohio, Florida, Cali. While at the shop a local named Dave won a free DK complete for getting a “DK BMX” tatoo behind his floppy ear. Catfish was pretty excited cause this was his first neck tattoo. Simply amazing. Then Catfish proceeded to shock everyone with a voltage thing. Hours of fun all while the Pro Town: Greenville premier was going on. The circus was in town for sure.  Check it…

Keep in mind that washing your car at the casselberry house with one shoe and no shirt is very necessary for a visit.

DK pizza/magic day and Pro Town Greenville premier from Chad DeGroot/Deco. on Vimeo.








Land of the Free…

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So its Monday and I work the shop and take care of business today on my own. This lady walks in and asks if we buy used bikes. We get this most everyday. Hell no we don’t, we sell new shit, I tell her. After she left it hit me. That bitch had so much spreadher on it was insane. You all have smelled it. People who put on to much musk or perfume. This shit is coming back I guess? Jersey Shore is making it popular again? All those fools use spreadher for sure. That show is amazing on so many different levels. Anyways, so my shop is now polluted with old lady stink, my nose starts going nuts, I can’t breath. We might have to wash all the clothes and open all the doors to take away that stink. Imagine coming into my bike shop and the whole place smells like old scented saggy tits, your not going to be excited are you? I would rather choose what smells I have the pleasure of enjoying rather than being forced old lady stank.

Lesson learned, if your pussy smells like shit, your balls smell like fish (man’s crotch), or your body just emits an order, don’t just cover it up with sass that is suppose to make girls spread…aka spreadher. Take a bath, wash your shit, take a shower, wash your shit. When I watch Jersey Shore I can almost smell them, they all have that musk and talc and other scents going on. Good for the show, bad for life.

If you can think it, they have it…CLICK HERE to see a scent you won’t want to live without. Or THIS.

Would you?

Longtime Flatlander Efraim Catlow from England does a blog called Flatmatters and hit me up to do a wild little interview. He specified short answers, which is really hard for me. Nothing should be short, just midgets (be sure to check the pic below). But, I did  my best with his questions. I could have gone on a rant on more than a few of the answers, but you get the point. So here are “Last times with Chad DeGroot”. Efraim gave this intro:

So I was thinking, who do I kick the 2011’s “last times” off with? Someone everyone might expect, or maybe someone people respect but for the most part don’t see very often, then Chad Degroot’s “Ring the gack” part went online that very day, and there was my answer, I didn’t even question it. The man is a legend, has probably done more flatland tricks than many of us ever will.And more importantly has a great time on his bike. Nowadays he’s very busy running his bike company, Deco, he’s just finished for Baco 11, and is enjoying married life.


This flyer has nothing to do with Flatmatters or myself, but its funny as hell and we are going to post it up in my shop MR. B’s and see what goes down. It was posted on Facebook and the response is amazing. Everyone has a friend or someone who really needs a bike cause they were to sassssed up and got a DUI. If you bring in a midget and a DUI card we might give 50% off. That sound good? Might as well get caught.

Fisrt off I would like to apologize for the lull in posts and the quality of them. With Xmas and New Years you would think there would be titties all over this site. There still is, but BMX has been getting more time than the good shit. At new years I was talking to a dude from NY and he said its what BMX needs, tits. I couldn’t agree more. So that is why the first pic is a sweet set. But if you look close, one looks sad. Maybe this set was on a budget? Maybe they got pounded? Maybe its on purpose.

Scroll down and let me know what you think. Were back on that ass.

New Profile ad in RIDE UK only. If you like coffee you will like some quality hubs, stem, and sprocket in Chad DeGroot Coffee colorway.

Would you?

Jerry Peel might be on house arrest, but he is still throwing bmx jams. If your in the area get down there get a win at the tournament.

This pic is the best. Its Scott Powell. He is balding a little bit, spread eagle, and his high tops have extensions on them to make them higher. Papa Chenga…

This is our new micro ad in DIG. Roaches are taking over. Sticker packs are available HERE.

Lastly this is a video sent to me with the main focus on womens lines, or their boob cut. Sing along if you like.