For more info on QBP hit up their site, become a dealer if your not already, and get on that tip.

Check out what they are featuring and their all bmx site HERE

Kurt at was kind enough to shoot some amazing pics, so if you don’t like what you see below, hit his site up HERE and see what goes from his lense. Thanks Kurt for the real nice pics…

Dustin Grice and Glenn from QBP decided to take matters into their own hands for the long Minnesota winter and rent a warehouse space and built some shreddable ramps. Anyways, this is their bathroom. They killed a ton of hookers and animals in that sink and shot more than a few horror flicks. Jon Wells getting beat down with a rusty coat hanger while saving the last sip of his PBR.

Powerbar hat keeping all the heat in while the Minnesota winter tries to dip below 5 degrees and sent 13 inches of snow…

My shuttle guy left me here cause he got stuck. Super shuttle got super stuck.

Kevin Porter close up fart face.

So gully, send me an angel, nice stance…you need a hot dog in your beer.

Guess the surpise it out. Camo slim and Big seats, also silver embossed slim and Big seats coming soon.

The indoor winter get away. Session ready with foam pit and all.

Slept on this mans floor. He is a giant. He can eat a whole pizza in one bite. Thanks for the non-stop laughing. T-Pain and shit.

So much snow. Getting all black and white on that snow storm.

I want to be this for halloween.

Charlie will fight you and not even think twice.

The cops have three wheelers with rims. Upgrade? Taxes?

Coffee color out now.

Kurts site is sweet. Get the whole lowdown on everything here.

Here it is, all his info for your enjoyment.

This is his link to see what  your getting into.

This is his phone # so you can text or call him and give him some attention:


*67 him first so he doesn’t know who you are or know you number. Otherwise become friends. Good friends. Talk a lot. Go on his radio show…do it all. Live the dream. Talk about funny stuff since he is a comedian. One of his best jokes is how he fingered a dog and made him cry.

Here is all the info for his radio show. I went on this and got into a fight with some sidekick douche. Pretty funny regardless.

The show is called to “The Edge Of Insanity” On Sundays from (4-6pm Pacific standard) (7-9pm Florida Time)

To listen live it’s kinda tricky:
Go to :
Then: they click the listen live link for studio 1A.
Then: click the windows or I-tunes media player or what ever.(The show should actually stream through the player)

Studio Hot Line: 415-513-5239

Duane from Hawaii holla’d our way about a street filming contest on the island. If your there or plan on going there for sure and hit up their sweet ass shop. Or If you need some ink done, hit up Big Islands new tattoo shop and tell them to give you a free Deco. tattoo. Not sure if that will work, but its worth a try.

He also wanted to let you know “Much mahalos” Duane Continue reading

Since the Packers won the superbowl my head hasn’t felt the same. So that is my excuse for no recent posts. I’m sticking to that. So to start, I want to say Happy Valentines Day and I wish everyone gets the love or candy they want today. If you don’t, click on the link below and get excited from some hot girls riding bikes. They will give you everything you need for this day of Love. If that still doesn’t work, click on our Tumblr page (link below) and see what’s up.


Playboy girls riding bikes…

This weekend is Frostbike up in  Minnesota. They get a lot of BMX support from this show. The pic below is one of my better mustaches which have been a little played out. If your gonna do it, do it right. Grow it filthy and get food stuck  in it. Don’t be a pussy. Stop by and say HI if your going.

Deco. is sponsoring the 2011 Am Flatland series this year. Trying to make it out to a few stops as well. So support flatland if you can or can’t do it. It will always be around you.

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Mat Olson news, he sent over this pic of his new camper. Guess he is living the life, or is he letting life live him?

This edit has some Mesh clips, RIP Mesh Skatepark. Also for those who haven’t seen me ride some flat, there is a clip. There you go. So with the Packers winning the Super Bowl 45, I figure I would give you some winners as well. I can’t sit on this edit any longer. Enjoy and holla my way.

Go Packers, holy shit they did it. My head still hurts. But not as bad as any Steelers fans, their heads will hurt for a whole year knowing they lost the big one to cheese heads. Good game…Big Money.

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Not sure what else to say. As far as I am concerned we already won the superbowl. I am pretty happy we are playing Pittsburg, home of Ketchup fingers. But it will be sad to see a lot of my friends crying after they loose.

All those bets are going to come in handy, thanks to everyone who hates the packers and bet me on the game.

So now, lets see some quality Steelers ladies.

Tons of fun.

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Don’t forget about Lil Wayne