When you do shows you most likely have no idea what is going to happen till it happens. I have been doing demos for a lot of years, you name it and I have done it. Today was no exception. The info I had was it was at Disney Epcot and I was to be business casual. When I get there the indoor venue was amazing and air conditioned, its hot as hell in Florida right meow. So with no breakfast and 30 watching what I can do on a small stage for a few minutes. We go over the deal and the surprise, which is me. I am going to sit in the crowd, hopefully not talk to anyone so they don’t find out, and win a prize. The prize is a bike and I do tricks then jump off stage and go home. Sounds easy right? Well here is how it went. The meeting started over an hour late and my bit was 40 minutes into the meeting where I stand up and scream cause I won a car. By this time I almost fell asleep in my chair and I’m freezing. It was a weird scene, everyone in the meeting was eating popsicle’s and drinking pop. So getting up screaming and jumping up like a little girl did warm me up a bit but now there is 500 people staring at me. So I do a little dance on my bike, jump off stage, and go home. When I think of it, I jumped up and ran down the aisle screaming “I won”…like I really won.

Every show, every time, is so wild. This was for a seed company. They make seeds that grow some of the best plants for something or other. I didn’t ask and I didn’t look into that company. Just another day. Riders. -Chad D

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A text came in a few days ago saying “Mat Olson won”. 2 grand later he was celebrating his dirt jump comp win at a Colorado bar/bike shop. First off I was excited for him cause he loves to ride and really could use some cash. He has lost his teeth plenty of times and really enjoys a beverage or two. Second off Mat is awesome, so hell ya Mat, congrats.

So after watching the video I saw some some steep take offs, some dirty landings, red pony tail, tailwhips, a very red ramp, mountain bike dude landing on his head, and Mat Olson winning. All of this and the BAR/BIKE shop put it on. Love that combo. -Chad d Continue reading

The first time I met Mike we were at Jomo Pro eating at Denny’s and a tray of waters was sent over care of Mike. It was his treat. Since then he has visited Florida a few times and every time its been a treat. He makes riding look fun. Thanks for the support Mike, Deco has been hooking him up for awhile now…

Matt Coplon, TM Profile Racing, welcomed him to the team and its quite fitting. He had this to say and I agree with him.

I was really looking forward to posting this up today. Hands down, Mike Meister is one of my favorite people to hang with as well as one of my favorite riders. He kills it on a bike, has a really good head on his shoulders, and is one of those people you can have a solid 4 hour conversation with an not get driven out. Looking forward to those long drives this summer with Mike on the next Profile trip.
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Dan Sieg has been around for a bit, if you know him, then you are aware he did numerous tailwhip to ice pick variations. Last year he did a double barspin front flip. This time he throws it down with the nothing barspin. You have to see it, its amazing. Dan is also a supporter of the front brakes, even just a front brake at times. So when he asked about the  FuForks, we had to get him on them. There are not many companies doing front brake forks. We do. Holla. Thanks Dan, your a nut ball…

Media student Dan Foley put together this edit of Dan Sieg hitting up plywood and coping around North Carolina.

I asked Dan one day at the skatepark if he had anything he wanted to film. He told me that he had a few things in mind, and asked if I’d be into filming enough for a small edit. After a couple sessions at Jaycee and the Unit, we had enough for just that. Dan runs only front brakes, has a deep bag of tricks, and can consistently do some wild box jump trickery. Thanks to Aaron Brenner for the 3 additional clips he had of Dan that he gave to me to use. Enjoy! – Dan Foley Continue reading

Owned is a new annual DVD series from Props Visual, the creators of Road Fools, Megatour, and Props Video Magazine.

The concept behind Owned is simple. A DVD with 6 top notch, absolutely killer sections from some of today’s best riders, produced by some of today’s best filmers and editors. But hold on – we’re also going to document the process on the web.

As often as possible throughout the year we’ll be posting behind the scenes segments of the Owned riders, showing what’s going on along the journey to finishing their DVD part. During the course of the 12 month production period of each Owned, each rider will post a number of these BTS segments – which in totality will show interesting aspects of their parts getting made.

To start out the series, we’re gonna release Owned once a year in December – with the final rider parts we’ve been documenting here. Then the next Owned rider list will be announced and we’ll get to work making a new one.

The Owned section of this site will serve as a home for all the original Owned-related exclusive content and information.

Owned hopes to deliver top notch, cutting edge content while showing the process along the way.

Props “Owned” is going to release in November. HIT IT HERE for more info.

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Mat Olson has been pumping out the edits lately, slow down tiger.

This is by far  one of the most amazing sections. The tuck no hander transfer from bowl to bowl. Crap, its all nice…

Mat is doing it all for Deco riding the big boy 9″ bars. Deco shit is here. Get sum.

Dylan Pfohl had this to say:

Mat Olson shreds. Watch it to the end. Inspired by Jeremy Jones part from the People film Cheers Continue reading

There is a whole ton of stuff going on in this pic. First off I’m real happy I took it since its really hard to fumble with your camera trying to get it ready while driving. It only took one try and this one is sensational. Ready, here we go. What do you see here? At first glance its two humans on a hot rod. Yes you are correct, but better yet its two dudes in sandals riding a hog. By the receeding hair line you know this isn’t the first rodeo they have been to. Where are they going or are they just showing off their shit? I’m sure they are being safe cause you can see the pitchers hands holding onto the catcher but he also has back support from the seat rest. Is this doubling down? Then my hand comes into the pic from the reflection in my window. And that sums it all up, a thumbs down not even trying. Or if you look into it closer it could be a man log dangling down. Either way I am down for dudes riding hogs in sandals while I sit inside a nice AC mini van taking pics. Thanks boys, keep it real. Its hard not to. Continue reading