With XMas being tomorrow all the crazy frantic people are out and about, take care and be safe and send us pics of the wildness. Tremaine stewart checked in with the hot hands doing a bar at an amazing spot. Nasty doesn’t let down throwing boobs and bmx into one edit. Banned in the Backyard is done but Colt wants to show you his highlights from the weekend…wow. TJ Degroat kicking some whip and making new at Candyland. G-shock in Japan. Chad flat pic. Green Bay getting a skatepark? Help out. The branding. Coplon checked in with a ton of pics. Scott Ehlert  brand agro face. Josh Eilken doing his best MJ off the roof. Hit our instgram and facebook. Dang, this post is loaded with the juice  you need. Happy Holidays everyone and be safe and take pics and shocka everything and get excited bubs. -Chad D

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The Deco brander has been getting a ton of coverage lately and with its first branding on human skin, its off to the races leaving the mark everywhere. Deco goods are all over and ready to make humans happy, so check your local shop and support the good stuff. Mat Olson has been doing school shows and clocking some clips in between so check his edit. Banned in the backyard, DANG. Quick vid up now and pics coming soon. Have a safe weekend everyone and remember BMX is good. -Chad D Continue reading

This week was a banger and its not even done but I had to post up and get you the good stuff cause there is way to much of it. Let’s get this started with Chicago trip with the Madera crew featuring   Josh killing it all. Tang Meng does it all, check the welcome edit. Ride featured shop Mr. B’s and don’t forget to give this a try. The best crowd in the world at Circle of Balance. Banned Jam is almost here. Josh’s new whip. SPOT Roast in Tampa flyer. Tom sequence is ridiculous. Flatland teaser in my garage. Name that trick and get free grips care of?  Coplon on and off the wall. 4 seasons crushed by JOSH and crew. One Love flyer and promo vid. Gatt profile. AND your Zen pics. Thanks. -Chad D Continue reading

Intro, OK, here ya go. I’m a pimp watch my step. Lifted tees are available NOW on our online store or through Dans comp. Get Lifted.  Yasu does an incredible magazine that is both in English and Japanese. But the problem is its hard to get in the US which were going to try and help out with. If you like mags, this should be on your list. Pre fab skatepark sessions are good sessions, just get your bike man. Check the edit. Tulsa never lets down as the Profile edit with Coplon and Meister and crew is incredible. Get your eyes ready. Taylor Bonds wants everyone to tweet him, his turn downs are the best there is. Josh Eilken checked in with an iphone line from 4 seasons, so nuts. Check his new ride as well, rocking the silver joint and going backwards most of the time. Deco. meets 430 with Chad and Kerry (spelled Kelly but thats how they say it) showing off their model skills. Fashion fun. Mat Olson is an animal, jumping in the Texas Toast killing dirt piles. Also got a few pics of Mat at a local skatepark wrecking shit on the spine. Moments of Zen got Mat Hoffman on the shocka and more… -Chad D

Yasu at Encounter magazine is doing some real good stuff and this new issue just came out available at Flatlandfuel.com with Hiroshi and Yasu coming to Florida for a few days earlier this year. Real good stories and a spread on Chad and his shop Mr. B’s in Longwood. Even a few darksides appear in this issue. The cover is dope. All the articles are dope. And Darkside dope. Check the web site which is in Japanese only http://sennproject.com

Profile Racing Tulsa 2012

Grant Castelluzzo, Jared Eberwein, Jeff Klugiewicz, Mike Meister, and Matt Coplon decided to spend a week in Tulsa, Oklahoma before heading down to this years Texas Toast. This video is a result of a bunch of good sessions, the coolest locals, and amazing spots.

Profile Racing Tulsa 2012- TCU Exclusive from Profile Racing on Vimeo.

Taylor Bonds doing a tdown properly, so good…thanks.

Josh Eilkens line is incredible…check it. Also check him HERE

Deco. meets 430 with Chad DeGroot and Kerry Gatt

Coplon pics captured Mat Olson dirt session with plenty of style and trickery. Best tree frog in the business, actually the only one. When you make up shit you should do it this good right?

Mat took time out from the busy school shows and rode even more at this sweet skatepark. Session the deck spine and my favorite the chill t-bog air all relaxed. School’s in.

Moments of Zen

Today is Halloween and I have yet to lock a solid costume down. What is wrong with me? This is my favorite holiday for good reasons. So with that said I hope everyone has a safe one tonight and send over some pics of  you or your costumes.  Speaking of what you need, all the NEW stuff is here and ready to ship. Check the pics below and click on all of them to enlarge in case you need it bigger, bigger is better right? Justin Butts is filming for the their crew with the 1228 edit which I thought was legit and good to see this crew making moves. The Come Up TV has a legit interview with Chad, and Matt, a must see. See all the product pics and make sure to be nice so Santa brings them to you for Xmas. Mike Meister checks in with a solid peace sign and a flattie. Ricardo Laguna hit us with a write up of the Pro Dirt tournament that just happenend. Banned in the Backyard is going HAM so hit the facebook to see the teaser and pics of what 30 loads of clay looks like with it being surrounded by pallets. December 8th is the date, save it, make it there. Leather seats are legit, in stock, and ready to tongue bath or do what ever you want with them…maybe just ride them. Thanks for the support everyone and stay safe. -Chad D Continue reading

#decoshocka is exploding around the world son. Get on that trending tip and forget the politics and reality. Shred your head and make that hair turn into words. Mat Olson lays some words about his trip to and from Texas Toast and his rebel run. Post game final of COB edit you might want to crack one back for. Coplon is everywhere son. Chad and Kerry models? check their steeze and hit up the 430 site to see how legit these threads are…japan is killing it #decojapanshocka. Hiroshi and the SOFT SEAT. Tremaine rolling dubs edit. Profile in Tulsa, Wade compound, then Toast. Taylor stop texting. Eugene Lewis 180 whip on some euro thang. FART BURP FART. There you go now lets disco. -Chad D Continue reading

This one is a banger, hate to toot that Deco horn but #decoshocka is popping up all over this world. Spread the shocka and send us pics. First off lets get started with the Japan trip which the pics are still not up, there is over 500 in a folder and I don’t want to post them all. So think of why your in bmx then watch the video below. Little emotional but great regardless. Make memories is the key. Make sure you attend the Banned Jam. The candyland skatepark isn’t the dream but sessions are always going down and gingle that leg jangle and take a look what we do. Mat Olson at Woodward West is ridiculous as well as his pics. Follow him cause he is everywhere. Hitting us with a ton of pics from trails to school shows and even a quick clip of a wild flair for the kids. Coplon tossed us some pics from Florida and Tulsa where he is on his way to Texas toast. That one is going to be nuts. Tremaine wanted to check in with a few shots while filming his new edit which will drop real soon. THEN, your moments of Zen never let you down. Hit our facebook for up to date news, instagram is loose, and Twitter for some more reading and laughter. Thanks. -Chad D

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Keeping fresh posts is going down the tubes, maybe instagram, twitter, and our facebook are better? Sorry about that. AND I still have yet to load the Japan pics with some wild Taiwan ones to help. More apologies. But I promise you this is gonna be bangin.  Expect big things coming from him for sure. Global Flat has a link to the COB, if you missed it you can still watch it and get excited cause it was incredible. Then VitalBMX allowed me to answer questions with no filter, if you got in I thank you, if you snoozed you loozed. Featured bike sets up are starting to come in, thanks.  Taylor Bonds tears it up and congrats to the family for a new baby brother. Tom’s LIFTED tee was spoiled and now you can see it but we have yet to make it…soon. Try shooting pics of flatland? James Covington hits a mother out of the park with the CHAD D favorite pic on home turf. Mat Olson checked in at the Wade compound and some other traveling pics care of the Pusher trip. Midway is doing a jimmy jam so bike that ham. Nora cup pics and story coming soon, but for now the HARO legends pic. Lastly Kerry Gatt interview is a good read and fresh back from COB in Japan. Moments of Zen are horrible this post, sorry. -Chad D Continue reading

Mat checked in from Woodward West then hit us with a new edit combining motorcyle skills to jumping over bowls…check it below. Had to show off the NEW pc pedal with 9 removable metal pins coming in black or silver. Posted three events coming up, if your in those areas hit them up and support some good shit in bmx. Coloradical London airing a smooth park. Deco. on a race jersey, peep it. Mat Coplon foots a rail, stomp it son. Chad at Dew tour, some of those pics are incredible, just saying…  Party in the parking lot video is the best, thanks Gentry, if you don’t know you should know. 21.5″ sneak peek, those playas are coming real soon…stay tuned. -Chad D Continue reading

I just caughed and spit a huge luge on my computer monitor, not the first time but fluids have a mind of their own. Kind of like slapping someone with a handful. Long story, but funny regardless. Shit, everything has been funny this week. So lets get started…Josh is hurt right meow but he built up clips to get it done for Madera. This woman is acting a fool. Coplon root beer interview. Ragu captures the hearts of many. Can’t find it, we can and will show you how. Prequel in Coloradeco is coming up. Woodward session with Coplon snaking his snake in the snake run. Moments of Zen are all Olimpic pics I took from my TV, can’t stop laughing at some of these. Good golly. And lastly Stups might not be a nickname you want but its a local dude who goes by it and takes a slap for Mr. B’s. -Chad D

This edit features Josh Eilken shredding hard to celebrate the release of the newest Madera Cranks.

Protocol HT Cranks Made in USA Quality Available in Black maderabmx.net

Filmed and edited by Tony Malouf Photography by Terry Hamilton

Madera – Josh Eilken & The New HT Cranks from Madera BMX on Vimeo.

Act a fool.

Speaking of Madera and Profile, check this good read out featuring Matt Coplon on root beer.

I want to start supporting RAGU just for this commercial alone.

Can’t find it, check our Dealer locator or HERE

Coloradeco still kicking ass, this time get your shit to this…bangin for sure.

Coplon and crew having a blast at Woodward east on the snake run. Get the runs man, with snakes.

Moments of ZEN

The Olympics have got me lured in. So good and so many questions. Does a huge nose make you swim faster? YES. If your last  name is GAY. Its GAY. Use your tongue extended to win a race, I saw it. Cram your muscles around your head. And the best one, Kyle Painters pimply back, not pimp but pimples on top of pimples ready to explode on you or some lucky girl on Plenty of Fish.

Watch this. Your last laugh of this post. Tell me this isn’t good?