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Name- Tremaine Stewart
From- Denver Colorado
Sponsors- Deco BMX, Pusher BMX

How did you get into riding- I was at a park playing basketball and I saw some kids
doing tricks as they road by and I guess I just wanted to try it and I ended up really
liking it.

How do you like you’re bike to feel- I’m really into the whole short bike thing. I like a
twenty point five inch top tube with my wheel as close to slammed as possible. I also
like a bit bigger bars. I feel like I have a lot of control over the bike when it’s set up
this way.

Oldest part on your bike right now- Iv had the same seat clam for so long haha.

Favorite Trick- By far any form of Barspin!

What style of riding do you like the most- I like to ride park and street the most, but
time to time I will ride some dirt jumps.

Annoyances- I hate hitting my shins! But I also don’t like pads too much so I mean I
really can’t complain.

Do you ever get scared- All the time, I just try and push through it and get stuff done.

Any riding dreams- To me one of the coolest things about riding is traveling. So one
day I would like to leave the country with my bike.

Do you listen to music when you ride- I used to listen to music but, it was too much
going through songs every run and breaking headphones every other week got old
fast. And I like to talk a lot hahaha.

Tremaine Stewart “One Cold Day” Edit from Josh Wendt on Vimeo.

Tremaine Stewart threw down these clips in a couple days at a local park in Colorado