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Tang Meng by @yuki_ishima2
pic by: Shimpei Hanawa and Zanbu
Tang Meng nose whip photo by Zanbu Tang Meng side photo by Zanbu
interview : Hiroshi Uehara
answer : Tang Meng

H: Why you are riding bmx both street and flatland ?

T: Because I want to try what bmx can do. also i can enjoy bmx life when i try it.
H: Why do you like DECOBMX ?
T: Because ….I love DECO’S atmosphere . kind of 90’s style…
I love that era very much.
and maybe…chad can understand what I think.
H: Do you want to say something for readers ?
T: Enjoy BMX to brake common style !
H: What do you think of america ?
T: American culture is my dream. because not only bmx.
culture ,fashon..etc.
It makes me many motivation .
I respect it.
tanmenboys(tmbs) ?????? :

Hiroki “TangMeng” Iwata – on this Point

Hiroki “TangMeng” Iwata – on this Point from SL MEDIA on Vimeo.


“RE-Direct” Introducing DECO. rider from Japan. from FuckFlatlandEntertainment on Vimeo.

Japanese flag