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Thomas N foot coast

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I’m 30 years old, born in 1983 in south of France. I started riding bmx 13 years ago watching props and baco videos series. I’ve been riding flatland for 11 years now.

How did I join DECO?
I joined DECO thanks to Thierry, the boss and team manager of the french ESPRIT bmx online shop which was in relation with Chad to distribute DECO in France and outside. I really enjoyed his proposition to ride for this brand and this amazing team!

How do i like DECO?
I think DECO is a company focus on products to make feel good riders on their stuff. A brand with his own philosophy:  made by riders for riders! Furthermore, it seems DECO follow a lot of his team rider and take care of them! It’s the best motivation i had in my rider life to represent DECO with this quality of products and to be part of this amazing team! DECO make me proud of what i do with my bike!!

Which part do i prefer on my bike?
It’s my DECO succubus lite frame (19’5 ” TT), because the frame is the skeleton and the main part of my bike. His appearance is balanced and very clean. He’s very stable from front wheel and super nervous from backwheel. I got quickly used to this frame both for rolling tricks than turbines tricks. I hope that will be a long long way together this frame and me!!!


Thomas Noyer from FISE by Maxime Cassagne



THOMASNOYER-BIKECHECK-2014-853x1024Thomas Noyer demo Vendee



Maxime Cassagne pics at ABC

Thomas Noyer pedal press ft scuffThomas Noyer crank glide ABC

During the last month, i tried to learn some moves and tricks with “frontyard” as basic trick. Here is the result, hope you will like it!

A lil edit to end well this year in which i tried to combinate differents pendulum trick. Enjoy!