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Lee Musselwhite back seat cost by DeGroot Lee Musselwhite spider glide by DeGroot

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Lee 18.3.2015

BMX Flatland Vs Street Bike Freestlye from In motion media on Vimeo.

Lee Musselwhite BMX Flatland Master from In motion media on Vimeo.


dwn side 2



Lee pedal coast by Jason College Lee doing loads of shows


NEW Flail boomerang variation in to one of my signature moves “The Pheonix”

Lee says “I invented this move many years ago, it was the first limbless one wheeled rolling Flatland move ever to be done. I called it the “Spider Glide” had picture’s published in the BMX mags at the time. I only recently realised I didn’t have any footage of the full combo anymore, so I resurrected the move to get it on film.

Incase your wondering it hurts like hell and is stupid hard to stay balanced haha


Lee Musselwhite spider glide