Today is Halloween and I have yet to lock a solid costume down. What is wrong with me? This is my favorite holiday for good reasons. So with that said I hope everyone has a safe one tonight and send over some pics of  you or your costumes.  Speaking of what you need, all the NEW stuff is here and ready to ship. Check the pics below and click on all of them to enlarge in case you need it bigger, bigger is better right? Justin Butts is filming for the their crew with the 1228 edit which I thought was legit and good to see this crew making moves. The Come Up TV has a legit interview with Chad, and Matt, a must see. See all the product pics and make sure to be nice so Santa brings them to you for Xmas. Mike Meister checks in with a solid peace sign and a flattie. Ricardo Laguna hit us with a write up of the Pro Dirt tournament that just happenend. Banned in the Backyard is going HAM so hit the facebook to see the teaser and pics of what 30 loads of clay looks like with it being surrounded by pallets. December 8th is the date, save it, make it there. Leather seats are legit, in stock, and ready to tongue bath or do what ever you want with them…maybe just ride them. Thanks for the support everyone and stay safe. -Chad D Continue reading

#decoshocka is exploding around the world son. Get on that trending tip and forget the politics and reality. Shred your head and make that hair turn into words. Mat Olson lays some words about his trip to and from Texas Toast and his rebel run. Post game final of COB edit you might want to crack one back for. Coplon is everywhere son. Chad and Kerry models? check their steeze and hit up the 430 site to see how legit these threads are…japan is killing it #decojapanshocka. Hiroshi and the SOFT SEAT. Tremaine rolling dubs edit. Profile in Tulsa, Wade compound, then Toast. Taylor stop texting. Eugene Lewis 180 whip on some euro thang. FART BURP FART. There you go now lets disco. -Chad D Continue reading

This one is a banger, hate to toot that Deco horn but #decoshocka is popping up all over this world. Spread the shocka and send us pics. First off lets get started with the Japan trip which the pics are still not up, there is over 500 in a folder and I don’t want to post them all. So think of why your in bmx then watch the video below. Little emotional but great regardless. Make memories is the key. Make sure you attend the Banned Jam. The candyland skatepark isn’t the dream but sessions are always going down and gingle that leg jangle and take a look what we do. Mat Olson at Woodward West is ridiculous as well as his pics. Follow him cause he is everywhere. Hitting us with a ton of pics from trails to school shows and even a quick clip of a wild flair for the kids. Coplon tossed us some pics from Florida and Tulsa where he is on his way to Texas toast. That one is going to be nuts. Tremaine wanted to check in with a few shots while filming his new edit which will drop real soon. THEN, your moments of Zen never let you down. Hit our facebook for up to date news, instagram is loose, and Twitter for some more reading and laughter. Thanks. -Chad D

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