This week was a banger and its not even done but I had to post up and get you the good stuff cause there is way to much of it. Let’s get this started with Chicago trip with the Madera crew featuring   Josh killing it all. Tang Meng does it all, check the welcome edit. Ride featured shop Mr. B’s and don’t forget to give this a try. The best crowd in the world at Circle of Balance. Banned Jam is almost here. Josh’s new whip. SPOT Roast in Tampa flyer. Tom sequence is ridiculous. Flatland teaser in my garage. Name that trick and get free grips care of?  Coplon on and off the wall. 4 seasons crushed by JOSH and crew. One Love flyer and promo vid. Gatt profile. AND your Zen pics. Thanks. -Chad D Continue reading

Intro, OK, here ya go. I’m a pimp watch my step. Lifted tees are available NOW on our online store or through Dans comp. Get Lifted.  Yasu does an incredible magazine that is both in English and Japanese. But the problem is its hard to get in the US which were going to try and help out with. If you like mags, this should be on your list. Pre fab skatepark sessions are good sessions, just get your bike man. Check the edit. Tulsa never lets down as the Profile edit with Coplon and Meister and crew is incredible. Get your eyes ready. Taylor Bonds wants everyone to tweet him, his turn downs are the best there is. Josh Eilken checked in with an iphone line from 4 seasons, so nuts. Check his new ride as well, rocking the silver joint and going backwards most of the time. Deco. meets 430 with Chad and Kerry (spelled Kelly but thats how they say it) showing off their model skills. Fashion fun. Mat Olson is an animal, jumping in the Texas Toast killing dirt piles. Also got a few pics of Mat at a local skatepark wrecking shit on the spine. Moments of Zen got Mat Hoffman on the shocka and more… -Chad D

Yasu at Encounter magazine is doing some real good stuff and this new issue just came out available at with Hiroshi and Yasu coming to Florida for a few days earlier this year. Real good stories and a spread on Chad and his shop Mr. B’s in Longwood. Even a few darksides appear in this issue. The cover is dope. All the articles are dope. And Darkside dope. Check the web site which is in Japanese only

Profile Racing Tulsa 2012

Grant Castelluzzo, Jared Eberwein, Jeff Klugiewicz, Mike Meister, and Matt Coplon decided to spend a week in Tulsa, Oklahoma before heading down to this years Texas Toast. This video is a result of a bunch of good sessions, the coolest locals, and amazing spots.

Profile Racing Tulsa 2012- TCU Exclusive from Profile Racing on Vimeo.

Taylor Bonds doing a tdown properly, so good…thanks.

Josh Eilkens line is incredible…check it. Also check him HERE

Deco. meets 430 with Chad DeGroot and Kerry Gatt

Coplon pics captured Mat Olson dirt session with plenty of style and trickery. Best tree frog in the business, actually the only one. When you make up shit you should do it this good right?

Mat took time out from the busy school shows and rode even more at this sweet skatepark. Session the deck spine and my favorite the chill t-bog air all relaxed. School’s in.

Moments of Zen