With XMas being tomorrow all the crazy frantic people are out and about, take care and be safe and send us pics of the wildness. Tremaine stewart checked in with the hot hands doing a bar at an amazing spot. Nasty doesn’t let down throwing boobs and bmx into one edit. Banned in the Backyard is done but Colt wants to show you his highlights from the weekend…wow. TJ Degroat kicking some whip and making new at Candyland. G-shock in Japan. Chad flat pic. Green Bay getting a skatepark? Help out. The branding. Coplon checked in with a ton of pics. Scott Ehlert¬† brand agro face. Josh Eilken doing his best MJ off the roof. Hit our instgram and facebook. Dang, this post is loaded with the juice¬† you need. Happy Holidays everyone and be safe and take pics and shocka everything and get excited bubs. -Chad D

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The Deco brander has been getting a ton of coverage lately and with its first branding on human skin, its off to the races leaving the mark everywhere. Deco goods are all over and ready to make humans happy, so check your local shop and support the good stuff. Mat Olson has been doing school shows and clocking some clips in between so check his edit. Banned in the backyard, DANG. Quick vid up now and pics coming soon. Have a safe weekend everyone and remember BMX is good. -Chad D Continue reading