Writing this with the doors open and feeling the 80 degree Flo rida heat today. Guess I could put on the AC? Na bee. Sweat it out, sweat out all those impurities. Enough about the good weather, lets get into this post. Chad got his whip powder coated matte black, looking clean and nice for 2013. FuForks have a V2 now with 15mm rake and cable guides for right or left or dual. Tremaine Stewart scraps for him are pretty legit, peep it. TJ foot plant. Coplon hits the weekend on a backyard ramp. Hiroshi sings. Mat Olson and Lucas Porzio edit. Who is Sheila. One Love is coming up. Oviedo session now allows bikes with TJ, Mulville, and Chad. Taylor Bonds edit is sweet and congrats on the clothing sponsor. Mario from Germany hits you with an indoor edit MELTDOWN. Multiple SPoT Roast edits on ESPN and BMX UNION. And in conclusion Josh Eilken hits you with the Moment of Zen peaced out the day after the world should have ended. Thanks for your support. -Chad D

V2 coming summer 2013 with 15mm offset with or without 990 tabs and front brake cable guides for right, left, or dual cables to the front brake. This tucks the cable out of the way and no need for tape or zip ties. That stuff is crap. We think, we do, WE DECO.

Colors: Black


Samples shown below…just a teaser.

Tremaine Stewart scraps

TJ Degroat foot plant to flat…dang

Here are two sweet pics of Matt Coplon saying there is a new spot, love to hear this.

Hiroshi getting his sing on…Japanese style…430 style

Mat  Olson and Lucas Porzio edit

CLICK HERE to see who Sheila is.

One Love Flyer…go there, have love, be loved…

First bike session at Oviedo skatepark pics by Covington and Sher. TJ tuck and whip da hip, Chad D Whip and dubs with Mulville on the box. Another sweet spot…love it.

Coplon weekend warrier spreading his meat on this sweet ditch spot hitching post…

Taylor Bonds tearing it up…check it

Mario from Germany has a meltdown, check it.

Want some BS click HERE

SPoT Roast Jam highlights on ESPN

BMXUNION edit of SPoT Roast

Here are your moments of Zen