Deco Team will be hosting open tryouts  for the 2013 season. We are looking for 3-5 fully dedicated riders  that are committed to putting in the time and effort needed to compete and excel at a high level. We would prefer some select bmx experience, although it is not completely necessary.  We are not interested in riders that tend to team hop since our goal is to establish a solid group  that will grow together as a team and that will exhibit good sportsmanship, dedication, teamwork and a passion for the game of bmx. Our program is designed to teach, develop and encourage the play of riding while having fun and competing at a high level. We plan on participating in at least 2 tournaments a month. If our requirements and goals sound good to you and you believe you have what it takes to be a part of Deco SQUAD, we look forward to seeing you at tryouts this Sunday! Contact Coach Chad for time and place at

“The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars, but if they don’t ride together, the team won’t be worth a dime.”


It will not benefit you to go into a tryout without having practiced. Make sure to brush up on your skills for at least a couple weeks leading up to the tryout.  You’ll also want to ride in different spots. Make sure to practice manuals, too!

Lastly, you will be expected to ride everything. Get some conditioning workouts in before your tryout to increase your stamina and agility. Riding ramps, parking lots, dirt jumps,  and stretching thoroughly will put you in tip-top shape for tryouts.

If you really want a head start, wake up early to get morning practice before tryouts. Focus on the fundamentals and you’ll be ahead of the game come the big day.

Show up early and be prepared

No coach will be thrilled with a latecomer; in fact, it may kill your chances of making the team. Being on time for a tryout means being at least 15 minutes early with any pre-registration form already completed. You do not want to be straggling with your bike  while every other player is fully dressed and waiting on you to begin the tryout.

Likewise, there is almost nothing worse than being unprepared at a tryout, so make sure you have everything you need. You may want to pack your bag the night before to ensure that you don’t miss a thing: Hat, shoes, helmet, tools, extra tube, iphone, Gopro, and water.

Whatever you do, leave your nerves at home. You are at a tryout because you have the skills and you want to be there. Don’t let your nervousness get the best of you!

Skills and positions

You will be asked what form of riding you do. Make sure the coaches are aware of your primary riding, but take some repetitions from as many forms as possible. You should never tell a coach that you are not willing to ride a certain way. Hustle to where you are directed, and try your hardest on that obstacle.

Bunny hop, spin, twist, and use style.  Sell out for every move. You should never leave a tryout donning a sparkling clean uniform. Show the coaches that you are a well-rounded player and willing to ride anywhere.

When you are trying out each form of riding, be aware of what they entail. Coaches will be looking for certain abilities:

  • At a skate park, you will be expected to be able to anticipate where every ramp will put you and be fearless of all ramps.
  • Street riding, you’ll be expected to have great range, good eye, a good sense of direction, and aggressiveness on terrain.
  • On the flat ground, you will be expected to have flow and style, have outstanding style and a powerful moves, be able to ride with distractions, expect the elements, and improve quickly.

Be supportive and loud

Be vocal. You want to stand out during a tryout so do not be mute or unresponsive. When other riders are up, cheer for them. Pick them up. If you were them, wouldn’t you want to have the same support?

If you are a positive person and supportive of others while trying your hardest, you will surely be noticed. Also, respond to any and all feedback, whether it’s coming from the coaches or the riders. Thank them for advice and prove to them that you are actively listening, not just hearing their words.

Be a leader

Coaches are looking for leaders, which means that you should take it upon yourself to take charge! Do not be shy to be first on your bike. When a coach has to wait for someone to step up and be the first to go, it can get frustrating, and they will likely be less inclined to select a rider who appears tentative. Step up  and be a leader. Even if you are the first player to ride, so be it. It’s definitely for your benefit.

Good luck

If you decide to go to a tryout, play hard. You are there because you want to be there. While it is definitely a competition against every other rider at the tryout, make sure you have fun. Show the coaches that you love the sport and it will be evident in your performance.

Lastly, have high expectations for yourself. Forget your nerves and breathe. Be calm, composed, and confident, and you will be in the best position to do great!

Don’t look like these people, get in the game.

Going green, save the planet, ya all that stuff. Today I rode my bike with orders going out to UPS to ship stuff and cars were looking at me like I am an alien. I love it. Trying to make a backpack that fits a frame box in it so I can do this easier. Just wait. First off I want you to make sure you check out the TEAM PAGE and its updated all the time. These dudes are legit and its going to get better. Deco 2013 bubs. Start-Mulville and myself doing school demos with no ramps, Mark killed it. Saw a superman, no foot can can, turndown, and some other flat style moves getting the kids on two wheels and excited. Ever seen a halftime bike show? Check out Mat, Morgan and TA throwing down. Matt, Mark, and myself hitting up Tampa for the day at the Banes backyard sesh on one hell of a ramp, then off to a front yard cement session. That place is so incredible. Just before sundown dock flat session in your face. Japanese humor, keep the vids coming. One love with Kerry and Dylan and crew doing it chill style. Tang hitting you with his new FuForks in 15mm offset coming June 7th to the USA. More school shows.  LIFTED frames only available at MR. B’s, Dans Comp, Pusher BMX, Goods, Pedal Action BMX, and Albes…so get on their sites or give them a call and make it happen to support what were doing. And get it together sponsor-me emails. DANG. -Chad D Continue reading

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Josh Eilken just made the move to sunny Arizona and it looks like he wasted no time getting into the groove of life down there. Check out a day in Josh’s life where he can shred awesome spots, wild ditches, and good parks all while hoopin’ and swimming.
Filmed and Edited by Jeff Wescott

Madera – Josh Eilken – Day in the Life – Spring 2013 from Madera BMX on Vimeo.

Hiroshi and Control Motivation

More pics from Mat Olson’s trip, check them out…Looks like Morgan went a little nuts. Can’t wait to see the vid.

Coplon getting his rail boost on in neighboring St. Pete

Mat talks about his bike and shares what he’s been up to lately, traveling across the US on the #westboundandup tour. Good vibes and killer riding.

Mat Olson Bike Check & Update Edit from DecoBMX on Vimeo.

Mat Olson ripping it up in Lake Havasu City, Arizona spring break 2013. Includes some street, the 20th anniversary of Teen Break, Extreme Thing in Las Vegas, and one last session at Rotary Skatepark before it was demolished.
Song: Collect Call (Cosmonaut Remix)
Artist: Metric

Mat Olson can do inverts, ya think? #matknowsdeco

Hiroshi showing off the Succubus Lite sample #hiroshiknowsdeco

Chad getting up on that slant wall nose pick n front wheel boogie. Pic by Coplon at the Banes compound

And here is one of sir Coplon doing the tongue chew can can tooth at the Banes backyard.

Chad doing it again with the self taken flat pics all 90’s style fish eye

Tremaine Stewart threw this together for a cell phone edit… dang

Cellphone edit #2 from Tremaine Stewart on Vimeo.

Josh Eilken put together a new whip…check his whip below. Notice how good it is, looks good, good parts, believe in this. #joshknowsdeco Click thumbs to see larger pics.

This week was an overload of emails and messages, most that didn’t make sense, about getting a sponsor. I am honored you thought of DecoBMX for support but as I have said before you need to contact your local BMX shop and get involved with them or get the local bike shop carry bmx goods and help them spread the word and support our industry. Check out Dig magazine to see more on what to do and what to expect from bmx. Scroll down to what this one sponsor-me email went like…take note. START-Rays edit came out sweet, Tom Villarreal clocked some footage and killed that whole place but main focus on the park course for this new edit, Chad has a sweet clip in there to. Tsutomu is the new TEAM rider so check out his page, click the link below. Check out Chad’s bike check on the QBPBMX site. Mat Olson road trip looked and seemed amazing, check out what his crew was up to for a few weeks. Coplon always getting down on the weekends with the hot spots in Tampa area…I am going down there soon to see this in person. Happy Birthday Hiroshi, so celebrate he put together a sample Succubus Lite. Click the PRODUCTS tab to see more on the specs and release date. Check out issue #190 page 68 with Matt Coplon and Chad DeGroot. Mat Olson ditch flair and TJ wild whipping nose pick variation. AND…your moments of Zen. -Chad D


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We have decided to get rid of all TEAM riders and start from scratch with Tsutomu Kitayama from Japan. I am not really good at good byes so I hope you can tell the team they have all been let go. I had to make this decision while drunk over the weekend but I think its in my heart to move on and take no prisoners. I wish the best for all of the team and good things are happening starting in Japan. That is why I have to keep this April Fools short and to the point. But what part of Aprils fools is this? -Chad D

TSUTOMU KITAYAMA is the newest TEAM rider for Deco. Check out his TEAM PAGE HERE and check back often for updates on him riding the new Succubus Lite frame. #decoshocka The edits on his page prove he is a badass and to get him on the new Succubus lite is so dope. You will be seeing a lot of him and look out for VooDoo Jam. Deco represent…-Chad D Continue reading