You don’t know how good the weather is all year long until it starts raining every day and messes up your schedule. With that said I have been getting a lot of flat sessions in lately and it helps when your bike feels incredible. Thanks to the whole team for making these products the best out. Also thanks to all the supporters, shops, dealers, Distros, riders, companies, photographers, magazines, and everyone in between who is making Deco that legit son of a bitch it is. Dang. So to start lets do this inverted shit with  Mat at Kona getting twisted on one sketchy quarter pipe. Not only does TA have one hell of an Aggro face but Tsutomu is locking his down to. You have one? Send us a pic. Voodoo is here, one of the best jams there is thanks to Terry Adams and crew. Expect tons of highlights from this and a live webcast HERE, so tune in Saturday at 6:30pm if you can’t make it. Get your Aggro face on. Chad D flat clip and recap pic of COB crowd.  Happy Bday Matt Coplon. Get involved in getting bikes everywhere. Bike rights but we all need to make some moves and take a stand. Feel free to click on all pics below to blow up to justice. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. -Chad D

Mat Olson had the please of riding the oldest skatepark in our nation KONA and he whipped its ass with this invert beyond the extension you need, holy shit balls. Pic by: Covington #matknowsdeco

Tsutomu getting all twisted up, front wheel link with style. #tsutomuknowsdeco Be sure to attend Voodoo Jam in New Orleans on June 1st to see Tsutomu and Terry adams shredding it up and making flatland the good shit. They both have an AGGRO FACE.

Find out what this means @ #voodoojam #voodoodeco #taknowsdeco #decobmx @terryadamsbmx #tsutomuknowsdeco #decojapan

This is one of the most fun tricks to do, no foot sitting on the bars hauling ass double hand grab that padded FAT deco seat. That kushion helps, trust me. Pic by: Covington #chadknowsdeco AND one of the best pics ever…Chad D at COB crowd going ape shit.

Riding off ROOFS with Tom V


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THIS DUDE MATT COPLON, XXX rail hop. Leave a comment for this dude…

Chad DeGroot nose drop into this steep wedge, drop in tricks, where did they go…lets bring them back. Acid drops… #chadknowsdeco #decobmx #shakeyourdeco Packers style, sunglass style, #decoshocka #profileracing

Kerry Gatt designed GENIUS bars are now in stock…check them out HERE and buy them only at one spot HERE USA MADE.

Ohhh the famous Tampa shovel, this spot is a gem. Coplon doing the weekend thing at an old faithful spot that will never get old. #mattknowdeco AND a fakie wall at another clean spot.

BMX is a sport that many not seem as popular as skateboarding. There are tons of skate parks around but you might have not heard of a bike park. Most people don’t know that many skate parks do not allow BMX riders to ride their bikes there. For Chad DeGroot of Longwood Florida his mission is to petition cities to let BMX riders in. DeGroot is also a owner of a bike shop called Mr. Bikes n Boards and a professional BMX flatland rider who has competed in competitions all over the world.
DeGroot started riding bikes in high school as a form of transportation until he learned he could do cool tricks on his bike. When he moved to Florida thirteen years ago he helped open local skate parks as well as help open the new Candyland skate park in Longwood. Along with his store he is also the owner and rider of a BMX company called Deco. While being a busy man DeGroot tries to attend various city meetings to petition to let bikes in. Recently he had a father go on behalf of him to petition the city of Oviedo to let BMX riders into their skate park. With DeGroots thoughts going to the council he finally got through to them.
He believes that BMX and skateboarding helps with learning about life and blowing off steam and it is a great thing for teens. He also thinks that skate parks are the new playgrounds of parks. In BMX Union DeGroots quotes “We’re here for the long haul” about the future of BMX.

BMX Rider Chad DeGroots Discusses Need for BMX Riders To Be Allowed In Skate Parks from Ariel Ibarra on Vimeo.

Hiroshi showing off his Succubus lite, out soon, with Gold stickers to make it look dope. This frame will be out in July.

Mat Olson sent over this grab of a wall ride down a stair set from a recent trip. New edit is coming soon. Believe that.

Johnny Filth has the right idea…get involved. Follow him on his instagram.


And your moment of ZEN



Coming in on time again for this weeks post. Like writing a book. You ready? Back in the late 90’s Schwinn came back and pretty much kicked ass and went for the good times. Bringing back the racing stripe similiar to this reminds me of those good days. The new tee available only in Red out now. In right now are backyard ramps. TBR put work in on the Banes Backyard creation and ever changing, getting better each time. Check the edit chuck full of wild lines and tricks. Speaking of wild, Coplon and his weekends, finding spots, filming, pics, he always pulls through…check his new pics. Tj was caught in front of Mr. B’s before the #squashit premier and I got some clips you should see specially the launch over flatlander. Living on the flat land, not Meister. Backpacking through the mountains and getting his chill on edit around Utah including Berringers house (RIP). Dew tour is supporting Flatland and even throwing out a legit purse, only 6 invited and TA received a spot. Speaking of Flatland, #voodoo jam is back and happening on June 1st. Stop by and see the TA sample frame in person (few changes before production). Keep posted to #voodoodeco for updates, pics, and stay tuned to see Tsutomu in action…try to pronounce that name. Look at logos, every company has one or more. Its amazing these fine companies are representing Deco riders. BMX Plus did an incredible write up, review, and test of the FuForks by Chris Arriaga slapping them on and going for it. Mario checked in and by the looks of it he is still throwing down despite the wild winter of Germany. Terry Adams quick clips, check them. Tom Villarreal is on a Madera trip so expect updates and wild spots on his facebook and instagram. Is that enough for you? Its is for me. Take care bubs. -Chad D Continue reading

Since this is Mothers Day weekend I will start off with all you mothers out there…have a good one. All you non mothers have a good one to, why not? Baseballs not bmx, or I mean it the other way around. Try that out. I love surprises and this first pic was one of them, can’t get enough of Japan memories. If you think something or some situation is creepy, get out of there. TA throws down his first session and treats us to a dialed link pulled in smooth fashion as Terry does. Kerry had an idea to do the 4 piece bars, we both agreed to make them USA made, some genius shit right there…check out the video ad for these playas coming real soon. Only available on our web store for now.  Also new is the Deco Racing tee in Red only, will be done next week and available at MR. B’s, Dans comp, Pusher, and our online store for now. If your a shop get at me to get this limited run. Mat Olson hit us with an abubaca that went viral on our Facebook so we had to post it up here for you to see. Be like Mike, I know this edit is a few months old but its rad so skim down and check it out.  TA hit us with one of the smoothest links and ride outs stomping the pedals like you should. What do you do when the skatepark is closed? Hit the streets with Mulville for a lil O-town session. 15mm offset fuforks with or without 990 tabs and cable guides, Kraton 20 softer grips, red cables, 22mm mid bottom brackets, polished seatposts, cheetah seats, and best of  all the denim seats. DANG SON. Ya Mothers, there it is, have a good weekend and hit me with any questions and no more baseball tryouts…its bmx. -Chad D Continue reading

My head hurts from emails this week on the tryouts, scroll down to the bottom to see some highlighted ones. Some were awesome, some people were pissed, and most of all read it all before jumping the gun. Deco will keep you on your toes. Keep on  your toes for this one, TA frame sponsored. Check his team page and his sample frame…color is dope. James at Native topped himself with the dyed real leather seats, these are incredible bubs, trust me you need to upgrade your existing seat. Thanks to Rob and Dig BMX for the photo gallery, amazing pics…check them out all in the AM. Get up and do stuff. Colored top caps are coming.  Gatt taking the 4 piece back to the USA made with the Genius bars. I gotta go play this disco. Live in the present but look to the future, got a problem with that Deco will be your teacher. Go HAM this weekend and stay safe everyone. -Chad D #chadknowsdeco  #decota #voodoodeco #decojapan Continue reading