This week was cut short do to Dew tour food poisoning. OH man could I describe this in detail but I won’t describe the fluids loss and amount of pain this caused me. If you know you know, if you don’t, you have no clue. So with that said YES there is coverage from Dew Tour in Ocean City which was pretty dope, great weather, amazing BMX, and Team Frame rider TA taking home 3rd place with his clean smooth style.  Coplon had the pleasure of a sweet covered pool pocket session before getting the cops called, nothing happened…all talk from the neighbor. Pick up the new BMX Plus to see it stacked with Deco deliciousness throughout the whole issue care of Chris Arriaga. Tsutomu celebration continues… Check the dudes face-book. And your moments of Zen care of Mullet, Darryl, and Chad relaxing in OC. Go get that weekend like it wants you to…get me pics. Enjoy bubs…holla  back next week. -Chad D Continue reading

Ohhh ya boy. Tom V and Josh with the Madera crew getting into the West Coast Mixtape, must watch maybe two or three times. TA or Terry Adams going way down south to ride and rip up Mexico for Red Bull, just for the hell of it. Check that frame HERE. Can you do a 540? barspin? both? Tremaine shows you how smooth he can do dat. Kerry Gatt interview in Encounter out soon. How about new FuForks, softer grips, purple headsets, LIFTED bars, 3 NEW seats, and a shit ton of new stickers included with all orders. Check HERE to see the new stuff. Coplon on the tabes and riding another sweet ass backyard set up. Baco? Get inside the Albion to find out what is up. Deco racing tees are available in new colors NOW. Dew tour it up, make sure to check on and to stay updated. Send us your submissions, your shocka’s, your hashtags, your everythings. -Chad D Continue reading

You kidding me? Another Friday post and this morning I woke up and thought there wasn’t going to be enough. What a dumb ass I  am. Actually there is plenty after looking so make sure and put your seat belt on for this one. Have to skip right to TA and Mat doing game 4 NBA halftime show. Even if you don’t like basketball BMX is so rad its highlighted and to bring Morgan Wade in there as well you can’t go wrong. New order is here so grab a towel to clean up your fluids. You will want all of this. Found TJ, he disappears but I got him to do a Cheetah promo. BMX bowling? Why not. Tsutomu pre jam and highlights edits. Links, click them. Mat’s teeth, or what he has left. Tom Villarreal likes or dislikes bonk 180’s to his back. I have shit to do, gotta go…have a great Fathers day all you motherfathers. Keep it real. Look how you want to be seen. Do it cause you want to. Keep up to date on our facebook and instagram. We do take submissions so keep it real and send us your bragging pics. Make them top heavy if you know what I mean. -Father Chad D Continue reading

With Deco kicking so much ass in 2013 we are proud to show off every little bit that is going down with Deco and the Team. This post isn’t for the dropout or hater. Actually if your reading this your interested in what is up for this week or your a spy. Either way welcome to this weeks post, packed to the gills as usual. Comment below, talk tough, talk sh*t, or just hit me up direct to answer all your questions or just to submit a pic or idea. Getting started Tsutomu absolutely killed Voodoo Jam taking the win on the Succubus Lite sample frame which will be released in about a month. Check out all the coverage including highlights video which will give you chills. MSN tracked down Tom V and did a behind the scenes on the 360 while being chased by security. Incredible and he landed as perfect as it gets. Have to click on that link to see the vid.  GENIUS bars are in stock both colors RIGHT NOW. But let me tell you this, they are USA made so to keep them affordable we have to sell direct from our SHOP tab at the top. If we went through dealers or even distros they would be very expensive. I am trying to work on this price to make them available to shops, but for now hit our SHOP out. Wade hitting you with his Florida trip edit. TA getting deep in a podcast with MTV 16 and pregs star. Profile released their new ad featuring Matt Coplon blasting a tuck out of a wall. Chad riding a pool. Wade Lajlar and crew put out a full length edit from Milwaukee to Florida and back. Really good, so take a look. Scroll past the Moments of Zen to see the full breakdown of the Voodoo Jam. -Chad D

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