Is summer over already? Hell no, can I get a HELL NO. Doesn’t mean you have to quit, get up and jump off roofs, cliffs, and travel. These are the good times and they keep getting gooder (new word?). Tabes for babes with Taylor, get your tabes on and the babes will put them on the glass. Vacation, Tremaine in Florida getting some of the good times, check the clips. TA Terry Adams riding the shit out of his backyard and that sample TA frame. Chad riding flat, yes there is a quick link. Profile hitting you with a summer mix with Mike and Chad and crew and ending it out with Wade, badass edit. Coloreds lighters are in stock and you can get one included with each order over $10…plus free grips, details below. Mat Olson beating the heat or heating the meat?  The Woodward overload is going to hit you this next week, till then stay tuned on DECOBMX facebook and Instagram decobmx09 for up to date action at camp. “If you don’t believe in yourself why would you believe in anything”. Road Fools box set is available on the Deco SHOP and stay tuned for the Baco set…ohhhhh lord. Have a choice weekend and don’t let the week end. -Chad D Continue reading

ANOTHER WEEK, ANOTHER POST ALL IN CAPS. OHH THOSE SCREAMING WORDS, SO MANY OF THEM TO READ. IS THIS SCHOOL, WHY DO I HAVE TO READ, ISN’T THERE A WAY OF CHEATING OR JUST NOT READING ANY OF THIS AND KNOWING WHAT IT ALL SAYS? MAYBE SOME DAY BUT NOT TODAY. G-Shock is killing it in Japan and here is a new edit of the tight stage and highlights with Tsutomu coming out on top. Snapbacks and tattoos, new Deco logo lids out now. Real leather, tougher than leather…seats in more than a few looks including CSI style. Road Fools box set on bluray. Tom seems to be on vacation, actually just chilling back in Florida for a bit. Succubus Lite frames available only in Japan. These are dope and real lite. Taylor Bonds is really good, check the pics. QBMX tag them to win a tee and more. Not the best trick winners? Voodoo, more pics from NOLA 2013. Mike Meister new video? Coplon and his spots, dang. Mat Olson pedal promo and what he does on his off time for shows. Lots of moments of ZEN this week. Watch your eyes on this one. Full Woodward sesh going down in a week so expect tons happening. Have a great weekend and be safe, communicate, and smile even if your faking it. Hell…try to fake laugh for as long as you can and see what happens. There you go, where is that Deco…. -Chad D Continue reading

It’s Friday and you know what that means? Maybe your new to this so let me explain how one post is done weekly and usually up for grabs on Friday. Now you know. Where is the beer? Little help. Start…congrats to Tsutomu, on fire this year with another win, this time Real Toughness in Japan for Gshock. I did peep an edit but was not able to post it yet, its pretty legit and with as much style as you have seen from him. Facebook vids, yes, more of those from Chad and Mat and to top it off a Kerry Gatt Genius bars promo. Mr. Filth checks in on a forklift. When an era comes to an end you need to throw a jam right? Find out more below. And if you just want to show people tricks and win prizes go to Wisconsin…check the flyer. The shocka gets thrown at sundown, and why not? Is there a bad time of day for this? Why do I keep asking you questions? Maybe you have some for me? Have a good weekend playas and keep it real, you know what I mean? -Chad D Continue reading

Happy 4th USA, was a good weekend and that is why this post didn’t go up Friday. 1st off congrats to Tsutomu for winning Gshock real toughness in Japan, more to come on that and he is on a winning streak. Winners win. As you notice we changed the header image to Tsutomu and the new postcards featuring him and Tom are out now. Check them below and hit me up if you want one. Otherwise they are included with all orders. Tons of new stickers and even hashtag ones to represent. Tom hits you with the first video, music video, so put on your boogie shoes and check Tom riding down an escalator. Mat Olson checks in on his break, putting in some work at the local park and pump track. The Albion is an amazing magazine, if you can get it. So for all of those who can’t I decided to put the Rise and Fall of Baco featured in the new issue. Shitty title but read it up and Baco surprises coming at the end of this year. Meister and Filth caught up and got us pics, check them. Then there is Facebook, posted up more than a few videos of Chad, Terry, and more, all embedded for your convenience. Real bummed there is no moments of Zen this week. Little help? Lots of new products are here, check the site under PRODUCTS to see all the good stuff. Thanks. -Chad D Continue reading