My mind is playing tricks on me this week, what I thought was the BMX game isn’t at all. Stop playing games and get  in the real game. That doesn’t make sense at all, see I told you. START-Johnny Filth AKA Mr. Filth got it together with a ton of help to get this edit with…count them…13 candybars in true Filth Fashion on the streets. Coplon going organic on a tree and a wall. Eilken doing a gap backwards through a tree, I want to see this clip, where is it at? Count them TWO quick links from TA himself riding as smooth as I have ever seen. Restock of snapbacks in the USA and hitting Japan early next week. TA stickers are here and ready to ship if you want, do  you? 3 new swirl grips the Black and Yellows, Rasta 3 color, and USA 3 color grip samples are here and production will be posted up soon, shooting for end of the year. Kona  superman by Mat Olson. Chad spreads it for flat in the parking lot. Booty on headphones and in your ears. Blem deals you can’t pass up, seriously. AND y our moment of Zen Jamco live show. Game on. CAR. Game on. No wait…CAAAARRRRRR. Have a labor free weekend and don’t be weak in the END. -Chad D Continue reading

I answer the phone most days and usually if the first call is wild and makes no sense I know how the day is going to go. “How long of maple wood do I need to make a board?” “like for a skateboard”. I am not sure if brains are all working right even with economy and hard times and to much sun and trucker drugs and sores and bumps and everything in life people need to think before talking, but that would mean they would be quite for a second. What I am trying to say is that razor scooters are for kids not grown men with facial hair. Make the right decision ya’ll. Start-Mat Olson can do the best inverts, tbogs, and euro’s. Sweaty bmx in Florida series dates. TCU rail with Mat dubs to bar.  Coplon getting his style points. Tsutomu in Spain. Chinese noodles. BMX Plus giving a ton of love to  TA Terry Adams, Mat Olson, and even Dustin Grice. Seat and post steal of a deal. TJ is found but now he is broken. Tremaine raditude in your face. Madera new poster with TV and Eilken. FLATARK Japan. Chad needs shin guards. Chad hot and steamy flat session with pics. Josh and the double ditch jam. Kerry Gatt, TA, and more in the new Encounter magazine. END-Stay in school, never stop learning, do what you say  your going to do, and pick up your shit. -Chad D Continue reading

What if you believed in something and thought it was a he but then someone told you it was a she? Little confusing right? He could be a she and vice versa right? Maybe in  your mind if you think so hard… So to start we got Mike up in HEEEAAAW with a legit job killer in the name of DECO. USA grips in 3 color swirl coming at cha. Mr. Filth is at it again, love when he is road tripping with his dude Tommy who shoots the best pics. Chad whipping the hell out of Woodward. TA frames are done, take a peek. Matt is spread, TA is spread, TV is spread, take a look at their pics. Mike Meister shredding it as always, take a few looks at this edit. Tom and Justin Butts getting the right pics. Tremaine hitting you with a cell edit, so dialed. Genius bars and PC pegs coming at you, check them out below. Get it for him or her or whatever you want to call it…get up and call it something…dance dance dance…make it rain. -Chad D Continue reading

Want to start with a huge Happy Birthday to Terry Adams who turned 30. People freak out on that but when I was turning 30 I almost lost my mind, and truthfully from 28-35 was the  best times ever. Get old, you can’t get young, screw it, old is the new young. Mat Olson is going nuts with shows daily and making it all happen with everyone supporting fundraisers and more to get his local skatepark built. It can happen, read below and check pics for proof. TA frames are done and you can prebook them here cause there going fast. Chad and his son at the beach, get out with your kids and do stuff and take pics. Take a picture it will last longer.  Coplon killed it all at Woodward, few pics posted below are worth the look, riding dirt even. Josh Eilken does nice can cans. Chad can do tabes but where are the babes? New Black and Yellow swirl and 3 color grips coming soon. Lastly, congrats to Hiroshi for his 1st born, he sent over a pic with no hesitation showing the baby shocka. Have a really special weekend and make memories. Hopefully next week we can show you the Deco neck tattoo and some other wild tats…sit tight. -Chad D Continue reading

This week was cut short due to a stay at Woodward camp in Pennsylvania. Amazing is not really enough to describe the stay and how rad the people this year are. Thanks everyone and I’ll be back next year with a crew and even my son. Gave away a lot of Deco goods to people who knew and didn’t know about Deco. Saw a bunch of front brakes and some amazing riding go down. Why did I leave? … This week we found out that Josh Eilken has an instagram, follow him now. Tom has been in Florida with his family and then once time to leave he decided to stay a little longer, with building up a bike for his brother. Coplon and myself give it to you with some Woodward pics and videos, also check the Profile Racing instagram for more and Matt Coplon as well. Terry Adams rode in front of 20,000 people doing demos and giving them a dose of the AGRO FACE. Mario Kalushi from Germany checked in as usual with a ton of great pics and amazing spots. Enjoy the weekend, now I am off to the topless beaches of Miami to see some top heavy humans, kinda like the foam pits of bmx. Read a book, know more, don’t stop learning, smile, and fake laugh if that is your only laugh for the day…have a great weekend you humans. -Chad D Continue reading