Who do you trust, see that guy, see that person, what the hell are they doing? Why do people knowingly look as shady as possible? Or better yet, do you look shady? Lock your doors, lock your wives, lock up everything, get a lock. After hearing about bikes getting stolen, houses broken into, and CC scams makes me want to get a gun. YA right. When I told a neighbor that my house damaged, he said “you ever thought of getting a gun?”. I told him a bare knuckle fight would be more my style and see who is crazier. What does come free is #freshliketom give away and this is the last day, get stuff the right way and with no cost just following instructions for this instagram give away. START-Tom has access to some of the sweet spots, check the 1st pic below. Tsutomu hits you with his G shock edit which is good feeling and rad, hope he wins NORA cup this year for flatlander of the year. TA Terry Adams on a college tour, put them on the glass. Japan wants real leather seats so Japan gets what they want. Coplon showing his beaver again, legs spread. Hiroshi is up all night, actually he really is, check the edit and he is getting lucky. TA pics from Voodoo and a flyer that is over already but  you get the point this kid is on campus riding flat for you, coming to a town near you soon and keep in mind only a few more days will his frame is here. Chad and the Nora cup, drink up and spill down. Crooked World with Tom edit. Mr. Filth getting down on instagram video. Josh Eilken heat treated cranks ad, going backwards. Taylor euro tabes in yet another spot most people dream about and never ride. Hiroshi in the magazine looking fine. Tube deal, buy one get one, how can you turn this down? Guru pre game edit. Packers. END-Lock it rock it and sprocket it. -Chad D Continue reading

Thanks for attending my online version of Interbike, if your in Las Vegas QBP and Profile Racing will be showing off a limited # of Deco goods this year at Interbike so I thought it would be nice to show you what I have been up to and what is on the way. For more info CLICK THE PRODCUTS TAB for more details and pictures and to see the TA aggro face. Also email chad@decobmx.com for questions or concerns and to open your shop up or open your distro up for international. Thanks for your time and don’t forget to win some #freshliketom goods, check the info below. -Chad D Continue reading

Who made who? Who made what? Who makes what? Bunch of whos out there not making any sense who think they made sense. They just want to make cents cause if your not making dollars your not making sense. START-Deco got Mat a passport awhile ago and he hasn’t used it till now, Mexico Mat we will call him. Tons of pics and video and that damn fufanu is nuts, I’ll say it again. Tom keeps it fresh and you can to as easy as 1 2 3 so follow instructions to get some fresh gear. St. Pete chill style with Tom, Matt, and Chad. Profile Dog Days edit has been getting some serious compliments care of Mulville and Chad D at Woodward. Flatland style in St. Pete. Who make this post? Who makes posts? Make it happen, get up and get out and get it…whatever your IT is. END-Chad D Continue reading

“I use to race” “I had one of those” “I remember when” “what ever happened to” “I can do a …” “If I could go back in time” “I have a …” “Back in the day” “I know (insert name)” “I use to be able to do a …”  these are some lines I hear on a daily basis and don’t have it in me to finish what they say, today was a good day, no one had nothing like this to say. START-To brang about this site being 100x faster thanks to Dustin Grice is something I have to do. Its been sluggish like an overloaded dumpster whore spilling over with no room and no energy. Check it out, navigate it, spank it, run a train on it…it it. Water hos. Throwback cover. Mexico Mat. and more in this weeks dose plus:

Check out our SHOP with scratch and sale items plus closeout items Headset $15, slim seat $12, cables $3, pivotal seatpost $10, FuForks $90, Succubus frames $150, Lifted barely scratched frame $200, tees $10, sample seats $15, and don’t forget orders are coming with FREE grips and a lighter and stickers. HIT IT UP HERE and search around for the deals and steals. Don’t forget the PC pegs, TA frames, Succubus Lite frames, Colored fork caps…and more will be here within a month.

Interbike or In-Her-Bike is coming up this month but I am guessing its a shock that Texas Toast is going to have more in attendance with Nora cup being in Austin. Vote Tsutomu Kitayma for Flatlander of the year. Las Vegas is rad and if you can make it out to support BMX do so. Other events coming up are Jam Chowder in the northeast in which 20 shops are joining up to make it as rad as possible. End of October is the finals of Amflat series. So be sure to make it to one or all and I will be at all of these showing you the fine ass Deco shit, stop by and lets make some laughs. See yinz there. Have a good weekend and make memories. END-Chad D Continue reading