Thanks for attending my online version of Interbike, if your in Las Vegas QBP and Profile Racing will be showing off a limited # of Deco goods this year at Interbike so I thought it would be nice to show you what I have been up to and what is on the way. For more info CLICK THE PRODCUTS TAB for more details and pictures and to see the TA aggro face. Also email for questions or concerns and to open your shop up or open your distro up for international. Thanks for your time and don’t forget to win some #freshliketom goods, check the info below. -Chad D

*NEW* 9 Metal removable pin PC pedals in Black,  Silver, Green, and Purple (the production is a bit darker true purple as pictured)

16 oz. for the pair

MSRP Black $26.99  w/metal pins $32.99 silver w/metal pins

pc with metal pins greenpc with metal pins purplecorrect purple

This has no part of interbike but is so blankin rad…Tsutomu dropped this one.

Beautifully made for  your hands, to grab or not grab them? That is the question. If someone told  you these grips were deeply textured, soft and consoling. Would you have any  more questions? What question is that really? Nobody will make you feel better about going out and meeting the world with your new companions.  Others might say “one of life’s true gifts”. Either way you owe it to yourself and whoever steals your bike, true relaxation of the hands.

“New Deco. grips feel soft like kittens and marshmallows”

Molded Deco. logo on the end plug, these babies are plastic.

Weight: 4.4 oz., black plugs .5 oz.

Colors: Black is the new black, SOFTER Black, Clear Black is also the new Black, Purple/Black Swirl, Gray/Black Swirl, Red/Black, Yellow/Black, Rasta 3 color, and USA 3 color

MSRP $9.99


logo grips usa colors swirldeco logo grips rasta swirldeco logo grip black yellow swirl

You don’t want to piss off the man, specially when his bike has no ACTION BARS. Good thing Deco has stepped it up and added a PC sleeve over an alloy peg. Grind everything likes its covered with wax or grease. Keep it greasy and don’t stress when they wear down, replaceable sleeves put you back in the ACTION.

-6061 Alloy 4? body 2.3 oz. Diameter 30mm outside

-PC plastic 4? sleeve 1.5 oz. Diameter 38mm outside

-Total weight of both 3.8 oz.

-14mm hole with 10mm-14mm adaptor included

-17mm or 19mm socket compatible

Peg combo sold individually or as singles. Sleeves sold as singles for replacement also.

MSRP $16.99 Replacement PC sleeve $4.99 

These arrive October 5th.


Compression bolt (.8 oz.) features a hole for front brake cables. Hole is big enough to remove the cable barrel head for traveling or taking off your front brake. 6061 aluminum with laser etched logo. 80% of the industry is using this steer tube so the Deco. compression bolt is your upgrade once others FAIL.

Fork Cap comes as Black with white printing and these pictured are upgrades in Black, Purple, and Silver only. CLICK HERE to see more about FuForks and the best fork cap out hands down.

MSRP $12.99


The seat post clamp in black with 6mm allen black only. Sample only more info soon.

seat post clamp

Metal bar ends with metal guts. Tried the rubber compound but they were tough to remove after inserting in bars. Samples only more info soon.

metal bar ends metal inside

Deco. Logo Embossed Deche series Seats

This seat is magnificent. Simple, functional, handsome, extremely well made, affordable, and, YES, pivotal. Listen to what your ass is asking. Pick one up and listen to your ass thank  you time and time again. Slap one and GO TEAM…:

Deche FAT embossed all over with kevlar sides and tail

Weight: 10.8 oz.

Superlite foam and hollow pivotal bolt keep the strength without the weight

Colors: Black,  Silver top, Cheetah, Black Denim, Black Denim red stitch and limited REAL LEATHER. Pictured below is the Mexico and the USA. Final versions of Mexico will have a black pivotal patch and final versions of the USA will have Deco. embroidered in white stitch. More pics soon.

MSRP  $32.99 FAT

fat seat beach stylefat seat usa colors

Real leather seats as pictured below  are available on request. There are 3x of these left in stock but we can remake them with two weeks notice. That these are bad mother fuckers.


New stickers shown below, the frame sticker which can be used on anything and the TA sticker for the seatpost tube.

TA stickers for frame

DECO TERRY ADAMS TA FRAME, our first FRAME ONLY rider is doing it for Deco. Here are some specs on his frame:

75 degree headtube 71 seat tube

13.25? chainstay


Sizes: 18.9? or 19.5?

14mm dropout slots

11.85 BB height

Removable 990 tabs

Mid Bottom Bracket

BUILT IN Chain tensioners

MSRP $339.99

TA Frame 2

TA-thumb-frameTA Frame 5TA Frame 4 TA Frame 6

TA Frame 3  TA Frame 1  TA signatureTA-thumb


When you make Terry Adams happy he gives you shout outs in fancy places like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and invites you to be awesome, which is pretty awesome. What is more awesome than awesome? “The TA model has everything I have always wanted in a great solid traditional looking flatland frame. It’s not gimmicky, has a simple design, and its built to last. Its still short but long enough to make you feel like a man. Removable tabs and built in chain tensioners to keep things practical. This frame is everything I want between my legs. This is some quality sh*t that will provide tons of fun and give you a happy ending every time you ride it.” -Terry Adams

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3. Tag all the brands in the picture and include #FRESHLIKETOM Winner’s will be announced 9/27 – Get Fresh!

Fresh like tom

What’s so good about the Succubus  Lite is what it’s not, heavy.  Highly attractive and willing to suck the flatland right out of you. Don’t refuse it, let it happen, and may all your dreams come true. This frame will draw energy to sustain itself. It may even suck the flatland right out from your dreams. Succumb to the Succubus Lite. Stay light my friend.

Top Tube 18.9″ and 19.5″

Rear End 13?

Head Tube 75 degrees

Seatpost Tube 71 degrees

7″ Standover height

Spanish Bottom Bracket

Removable 990 tabs and chain tensioners

Colors: Black, Raw Clear, Trans Red

MSRP $339.99

Stay lite. 1.9 kg or 4.1 lbs.

These are very limited since Japan took most of the 1st order but we do have 10x arriving on October 5th, get at me to save one in Raw Clear, Black, or Trans Red all with Gold stickers.

Succubus Lites Succubus Lite

The practical answer will be right under your seat, the day has arrived, its pivotal season. Amazingly man has accomplished what the Beast set out to do. Don’t resist the beast. Run with him like you have never ran before. Run a seat-post that is worthy of any situation.

25.4mm by 330mm (13″) anodized also available in 135mm and all colors

Weight: 7.4 oz.

Colors: Black, Purple, High Polished

MSRP $24.99 135mm $32.99 330mm

Black pictured but now available in HIGH POLISHED. Perfect for flatland, fixie, racing, and Jody Donnelly.


USA born and raised these 4 piece babies bring out your roots and show your pride. Master Gatt brought these to life…so feel like a GENIUS when you ride these. What is better than 2? easy answer, double down and put 4. There is no gambling problem with these, do the math.

28″ wide
8.5 rise
Up sweep 3
Back sweep 9
Strait gauge .065? with a 3/4″ x .049″ crossbar USA made tubing

Weight: 2 lbs. painted

Colors: Black or Raw Dawg (out of stock at this time)

MSRP $69.99



For centuries people have used bearings to unite cranks and frames to make pedaling possible. This is not trivial stuff, you know this. Stop and think about what a wonderful bottom bracket would look and feel like. Can you picture it,  see it, feel it? This bottom bracket can solve the problem. Made with sealed bearings and alloy cones and spacers. Get excited bubs. Holla.

Size: Mid 19mm or 22mm and NEW Spanish 19mm

Weight:  6 oz.

Comes with spacers and tube spacer.

Colors: Black

MSRP $24.99