Just when I seem to get ahead I fall behind. Guess that is the way it goes. Actually it IS the way it goes. This site has had its ups and downs and trying to keep everyone updated is tough with glitches. Nora cup in Austin, Guru Jam, good weather, are all reasons for a little lag as well so expect some good updates but for now check below cause this one is amazing as usual. START-Josh Eilken with his style, no pegs, and freecoaster action so you know its one hell of an edit. TA frame is out now, available at Dans, Flatland Fuel, Mr. B’s, and direct. Tom built up a new whip, check it out. Adam LZ is working in a Tom frame into his orders, check the details below and get on it cause it expires soon. Facebook embedded posts of videos you should check out. Coplon on that beef. Mr. Filth on that wall. And just a taste of Nora Cup…END -Chad D

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Do you even read all of this each week? Pretty sure you skip to the cool looking red colors or blues or even BOLD UNDERLINE to skim to the important shit. START-After this week doing shows for Citgo gas, Foreigner the band,¬†pharmaceutical company, and everything that goes in between to make bmx as rad as possible and entertaining, I am tired as hell but had a blast this week. Get up and get out there and see where you bike can bring you. You have a camera either on your phone or other, so use it and capture the good stuff. Just saying. I won’t babble on here this week but I should just to see if you would read it all. Tom never lets down with the first pic of this unusual angle of a long rail. TA hits you with some history which I actually watched about 10 times and I suggest you do to. AND his frame is out in Glossy Black or Brilliant Silver. TJ disappears as quick as he appears, but I got a clip for you to see. Mat Olson is giving Morgan Wades camera a work out at the Texas State Fair. Chad D in the Profile Racing News, check both of those posts from his trip to Wisconsin. Lastly a recap of the new order that just arrived with the TA frame and new PC pegs featured and the Succubus¬† Lite in limited supply. Its nice out so get out and get some. -Chad D Continue reading

Ohhhh hell ya the new order is here including the pc pegs which are the lightest out and replaceable sleeves. Colored fork caps which fit most forks and are the best out. TA frame in black or silver and two sizes. Succubus Lite which was for Japan only but a few trickled into the USA. And the pc pedals are back in stock. All the info, pricing, sizes, and specs including where to buy is listed below. We are excited…get up and dance. Continue reading

May cause dizziness, fainting, diarrhea, blindness, spotting, seizures, thoughts of suicide, death, stroke, anal leaking, high fever, confusion, coma, weight gain, low white blood cells, trouble swallowing, impaired motor skills, sores, drying, straining, staining, bone fractures, persistent diarrhea, enhanced suicidal thoughts, bed sores, increased ache, vaginal mash, tears in intestines, severe liver problems, cancer, tuberculosis, increased urge to gamble, unusual dreams. START-Jeff K and Chad D dubs, video coming soon from Milwaukee the home of beer. Mat Olson at the Texas state fair added a new ramp, check the vid. Tom Villarreal day in the life. The TA frame is in Japan and will be in the USA next week, so get your orders in before they are gone…Succubus lites will be in the USA as well. The Come up winners win, LIFTED frame was sent out yesterday to projectPAT. Coplon on more spots than I can count. Chad D on the flatland tip. Ton’s of Tom pics doing wild ass shit…there you go. Take prescription drugs but first listen and read the side affects. Have a great weekend and don’t use your weak end. -Chad D Continue reading