Just when I seem to get ahead I fall behind. Guess that is the way it goes. Actually it IS the way it goes. This site has had its ups and downs and trying to keep everyone updated is tough with glitches. Nora cup in Austin, Guru Jam, good weather, are all reasons for a little lag as well so expect some good updates but for now check below cause this one is amazing as usual. START-Josh Eilken with his style, no pegs, and freecoaster action so you know its one hell of an edit. TA frame is out now, available at Dans, Flatland Fuel, Mr. B’s, and direct. Tom built up a new whip, check it out. Adam LZ is working in a Tom frame into his orders, check the details below and get on it cause it expires soon. Facebook embedded posts of videos you should check out. Coplon on that beef. Mr. Filth on that wall. And just a taste of Nora Cup…END -Chad D

TGF representative Josh Eilken, A.K.A. J OOH AHH, just setup a fresh Deco frame with Madera parts and Sun Ringle rims. He hit up a few parks close by to test it out, which resulted in a chill little park piece in the name of dar Gully for y’all to enjoy!

Filmed/Edited by Jeff Wescott


TGF – J.E. Park Piece from The GULLY FACTORY on Vimeo.

TA holding his signature Terry Adams production frame…dang.


Tom Villarreal’s new whip, looking so clean and those colors…

Tom and his new ride

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Adam LZ frame give away

This is going to be rad…make plans.


Coplon slipping some beef into his weekend sessions with this AA pro race sprint to wall ride on the side of that piece and a sweet and stylie tire slide cause he rides.


Red Rocks with Johnny Filth — in Sedona, AZ.
By:IreiAZ photo

Filth wall ride by IreiAZ photo

Some Nora Cup pics care of Red Bull and Ride Magazine…more to come.

Chad n Dustin nora cup Nora cup 3 Nora cup 2 Nora cup 1

Moment of ZEN

Deco clouds