What are your plans for Black Friday? I don’t know, but I do know I want to save a ton of money on stuff, that is sweet, saving money is the best. START-Black beanies in stock now and more secret hats in the works, but for now get  your drool soaked up in this head heater. Only at the Deco SHOP. Save a few bucks all weekend long with 15% off. Matt Coplon took out the good camera to show you 3 pics all shot by Scott Ehlert. Tracked down TJ, doesn’t happen unless there is an event at Mr. B’s but we got him on film and pics and an update. SPOT Roast is just around the corner. FLBMX series has the stops listed as well. Karl Poynter late night session at a new skatepark. Tom V tuck at height. Win stuff care of QBP…check below for more details. And the Turkey SHOCKA.  END -Chad D Continue reading

Thanks give to me. That is what kids are thinking these days and why? Cause of BMX and how it has always worked. Do yourself a favor and read a little more specially in Dig magazine and those articles that have a lot of words. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to read everything but absorb the real business side of things so you know why companies react how they do when you want free shit or hand outs. This is the internet and your on it so let it be know on this microphone that the real companies are doing real things. START-2014 calendar featuring TA on the cover and Chad D for January is free with orders from Flatlandfuel.com. Words by Coplon, one day he rode his bike and his grips made him happy. Indoors with Mr. Filth. Karl gap. Chad clip. Dustin USA grips stuck to his face. DeGroot in Miami. Mat Olson doing tricks opposite? 4 years at Mr. B’s. Coplon rail sesh. Mat Olson clip, uprail to whip. AND the lord ZEN. Have a good one y’all and be safe. Do good things and make it count. Write essays about Kyle Painter and turn them into me so I can post up the winner. END -Chad D Continue reading

I will get right to the good and not the suck. Tom Villarreal has been hurt and he still is pumping out edits that make riding fun…check it below. Taylor Bonds flips you off, flips off a rail, and flips off the whole skatepark in his new edit for his clothing sponsor. HUGE CONGRATS to Mat Olson being a cover boy for BMX Plus magazine shot in Mexico, damn it feels good to be up on the front. New 3 color grips in Rasta and USA and the buzzy bee color way is out in Japan and in the USA early December, make your hands clap. Karl Poynter is up on some Deco meat, going all black style, so expect some good news from him. Wild seats, you want one? Mike Meister quick clip. Chad quick ride out. Mat Olson on some magestic trails. And TA getting one over on you, we posted it was google earth catching him riding in his backyard but the truth will come out…sit tight. Have a great weekend and don’t use your weak-end on anything unless you have to. -Chad D Continue reading

START-Shows. Go to shows. Are you going to that show? What show? When is it and who? Why are they there? Can you get me in? BMX man, its all BMX BRO. Mat Olson has been kicking it on the show tip, jumping over the principal, doing the open loop at the Texas fair, getting it done in between in Lake Havasu at the new park as well. Casselberry crew hit up the RV to Texas Toast and put together this edit, grabbed a few clips with Chad D as well. 4 year anniversary at Mr. B’s is going to be nuts, Deco give away as well and free food and drinks. DAMN SON. Adam LZ frame give away winner received a Tom Villarreal LIFTED frame in Potent purple. Tsutomu wins…hell yes. Coplon on that gap. With the holidays coming up, stay tuned to the online store SHOP tab for leather wallets, new samples being offered to the public, amazing new beanies, new trucker hats, and the best shit ever…the 3 color rasta and USA grips will be here soon. Get some sleep, ride your bike, go somewhere warm, make memories and make it count. END-Chad D Continue reading

Halloween was here now is gone and like every year I think of new costumes and ideas and plans to make next year WAY better. But as usual I don’t do shit but talk about it. Another year, another not planned costume. After checking the web there was some bangers for sure and the ladies keep getting sluttier. How is Halloween not the best time of the year? Maybe cause your scared that winter is finally setting in? Move to warm weather, its fun in the winter. Now you know. START- TA mean muggin on the cover of the mage of Ehwey, click the link to see all the pages and maybe you will see the Aggro face? Wade Laljar kills it, even in a costume…Taylor Bonds and his cement dreams. Baco bluray is in motion with almost 20 hours of footage and Baco 10.5 or 11 will be on there with new footage and the same antics. Mat Olson and the new Lake Havasu skatepark…WOW. Congrats to Tsutomu for 3rd place at Flat Ark in Japan and to Hiroshi pulling darkside style. Some more Nora cup pics. Mike Meister doing his thing. Coplon wall rides and bmx. PC pegs are out now and available now. Deco completes? you heard that right…built up all high end and shit…ready for you. Spot roast save the date. Halloween man. END -Chad D Continue reading