Best part of the day is when UPS arrives with packages and there is exactly what you want. This doesn’t happen everyday but with me running two businesses its pretty rad seeing Chocolate Santa reading my list and making it right to my door. This happened with some samples of the new Self Titled Street frames, designed for a beating. New stickers as show below available now. AND more to come, I don’t want to spoil it all. Take a look at the new postcards out next week with Mat Olson doing his bridge evolution and Chad D doing the hop. Tom Villarreal sighting at SPOT and showing you why he is BADASS. Lakeland flat jam went off so check out the pics below and more to come on the Profile Racing site and TBR as well…happy bday Tyler. Facebook videos are always rad…check them below and see who is staring this week. Mat Olson has spots, believe that. Terry Adams new link. Hiroshi wants to save the world, watch this acid trippy goodness and think of Gonz with a bible on top of a mountain in Arizona. Some flashback pic from Woodward which is soo good. Profile team on a Florida trip so stop by and ride with them bros. Flikr photos, ya we have one of those and its all updated with the crisp and clean pics you need to stun them eyes with. Coplon hits you with some words about his life and his beard and more. Deco Shocka brander is reality, believe that it will be used in 2014 for many-a-thing. Guess who got the Moment of Zen? Guess which round of teeth he was on for this pic? END -Chad D’s nuts. Continue reading

When good is good how can this get better, it can. Use the tally counter shown below and get organized and get a piece of the pie. Welcome to reality, it’s hard for some people, so hard it will make ya momma cry. The fact is the rider owned crew has been reinstated. Loving to love what you do, stop loving yourself, let the Playas play. It’s soon a new day. Compliments, smiles in public, objects of desire…your the one…Live how you want to be seen. THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO SUPPORTED DECO even the aliens. Big things are coming and with this kind of support shit is awesome and rad as it gets. START-Tally count to 5, high 5 to DECO. Camo limited run snapbacks. TA and the facebook crew videos to watch. Chad in front of Mr. B’s with a dog. One Love Jam. Karl and the Action Bars pegs. Thomas Noyer and France. Sunday flat jam and bday party. New Deco brander. Profile crew invites you to ride with them. And your moment of ZEN. Have a great week end and don’t dock to much this weekend with your weak end. -Chad D Continue reading

FART. Had to do it, laid it on ya steamy style. Hopefully with the hundreds of thousands of views of Mat Olson doing the bridge ride over the arches that people are reading this and see a FART to start the day. With that said check the vid of Mat doing his thing and watch it as much as possible so he gets more views. Instagram slam with TA and Mathias is so dope. Snapbacks and patch beanies are in stock and ready to go. FL-BMX stop in Orlando was as good as it gets so check the recap video and congrats to Nolli, Hey Man, and Chad D 30 and over style. Matt Coplon and the bunny hop, write up and pics in his own words. $2 tubes. Karl Poynter ESPN helping out with a new indoor park in INDY, go support that. BMX school? Check the vid and get inspired. Flat Jam Bday party. The Weave Man. Have a good weekend humans and send over your DECOrations and pics so we are in the know. END -Chad D Continue reading

There is a lot going on to start this year industry wise with many big companies folding and smaller companies ready to step up where bmx needs to be. We need to make it bigger, better, make it cool and get people involved by supporting rider own shops and STOP making this a discount barn. Watch the Adam22 vid below, like him, love him, hate him he makes sense. START-NEW beanies and hats will be in stock TODAY but with hectic scramblings I am going to do my best to get it out there and info as soon as I can. Mat Olson is drilling that Havasu park a new one each time he rides it. Rob Nolli fist in the air with cheerleaders from the Mavs during a halftime show with Mat Olson as well, why can’t they be better looking, at least the hangers look sweet. Tsutomu with his signature trick graces us with the cover of HIDDEN magazine in Japan…damn good. Taylor  Bonds is a gangsta…check his goodness and style. Chad D with more flat in  your face. Wade in Canada hits you with some scraps from 2013. Where the hell is Coplon? someone give him a nudge. Have a good weekend and don’t let your meat loaf. END -Chad D Continue reading

Its as cold as a witch’s tit in a brass bra. Sure you know what I mean here when I say this. Stay warm my friends. So to start this weeks post I will do it with an emphasis on FREE. Or discounts. Actually I have nothing to say about it so just click on the tab and see what you can do to get what you deserve…for FREE. Actually this post started crappy and I want to get to the good stuff below with Coplon and his year end edit with tons of clips, rad spots, and support for Deco…thanks. Mike Meister is in here more than a few times but you need to click the links…his bike check on ESPN is so good and well filmed. ONE LOVE plug. The new color grips are in stock and top caps for your forks in a few colors to upgrade your set up. Mat Olson at the WARD killing it as taken from DecoBMX facebook. Stay warm, stay free, make it happen. -Chad D Continue reading