Everyday when I am driving my kids to school I get stopped at a light or stop sign and have to glance over at other drivers. This one dude took me off guard with a cup of coffee and an ecig while driving, with kids. But worse one was this frumpy lady smoking a real cig and texting with a kid in the front seat, while moving. Kids has no chance, was next to her for a bit and she never stopped texting and the car was full of smoke. Gotta love parenting at its best, thanks to cigs n phones. To get started Josh Eilken gets in Maloufs face with a wild roof ride. Chad hits you with a throwback March calendar. Mat Olson with a superwhip at a cement paradise. Damn that Coplon weekend warrior. The NEW Deco hats are in classic and trucker style snapback. TA frame is available now, check it, soo good. 40 year old pool party style. Mike Meister treat. More Coplon meat. Red Bull Illume. Self Titled Street frame. TA Vigor way edit. FLBMX last stop. There you go, sit back, smoke real or fake smoke while you drive your kids around and pay more attention to your phone, its lonely. -Chad D Continue reading

What can  you do with a headache,  not much. Just moved to a smaller shop because the building next to me is being torn down. Keep hearing rumblings which don’t help my head. Drained my green pool and had green crap all over me for the last few days. I do think one thing that will help by putting on a new snapback that just arrived and ready to ship. End of the winter is coming and I am packing as much into my days and it is catching up on me, but I do see a vacation in the future, real soon…can’t wait for that. You better believe we will be at the beach. My head is fried, sorry, so lets get this going with One Love and BMX Plus. WuPEGS are almost here. Chad inside his shop MR. B’s. TA and Chad flat links. Mat Olson does really good supermans. Coplon and his foot on the wall. Tom V with style. Self Titled street frame. Go get me some advil, this weekend starts NOW. -Chad D Continue reading

Have you ever moved before and found some stuff in boxes you haven’t looked at in years? I have been moving all week in a panic cause the deadline is today at 5pm and I am going to cut it real close. But after looking into boxes and all over I am uncovering a ton of gems and a ton of duds. Actual shares or Mission and Mesh Skateparks stock I am giving away, James Covington received one million shares. Old VHS videos of all the Baco series and even unopened Road Fools 1. Damn I could go on and on but you get the point, treasures and a stock pile of them. Kind of like a time capsule that was opened and my mind is all over. This is life, it goes on, so lets get started with the good week this was when a UK Bridge magazine came in. TA and his Cali living edit. Chad D, Karl, and Thomas bike checks. Merritt Island jam. Johnny Filth wallride. Almost 420 jam on 419. Mat Olson and the black bars. Deco photoshop by Cody. 100k by TA. Have a sweet one everyone. Meat you on the other side. -Chad D Continue reading

Woke up yesterday and thought I could beat the rain or at least get a lil session before it started…well it started to sprinkle while on the drive to my spot. This bummed me out since there is no indoor spots in my area except my shop, which I have ridden in a few times. That sparked the interest of driving around and calling for renting a small warehouse then it just happened. The best spot, even covered, was right next to me for the last 14 years. I just had to sweep a bit and it  was on. So today I woke up and headed over there, it wasn’t even raining, and had a session. Sometimes the best things are actually close to you and you don’t even know. START-Welcome Mike Meister to Profile edit is awesome seeing him hit walls and even some big boy rails. Tsutomu checks in with a rad tight spot making riding look so good and smooth. Thomas Noyer doing shows. The Weave man getting crossed up. Tang is on the move. Musselwhite doing what he does. Filth showing you a rad skatepark and a good quick fight…it happens. Coplon and the photo. Reminders for upcoming jams. SHOP DECO. Succubus Lite new colors. Baco 1-10. The NEW tally tee is almost here…will be ready to ship on Monday. AND your VIP Moment of ZEN. END- Chad D Continue reading