What can  you do with a headache,  not much. Just moved to a smaller shop because the building next to me is being torn down. Keep hearing rumblings which don’t help my head. Drained my green pool and had green crap all over me for the last few days. I do think one thing that will help by putting on a new snapback that just arrived and ready to ship. End of the winter is coming and I am packing as much into my days and it is catching up on me, but I do see a vacation in the future, real soon…can’t wait for that. You better believe we will be at the beach. My head is fried, sorry, so lets get this going with One Love and BMX Plus. WuPEGS are almost here. Chad inside his shop MR. B’s. TA and Chad flat links. Mat Olson does really good supermans. Coplon and his foot on the wall. Tom V with style. Self Titled street frame. Go get me some advil, this weekend starts NOW. -Chad D

One Love Jam coverage in the May 2014 issue of BMX Plus featuring #flatland Moto on the cover and @terryadamsbmx front wheel flip with @scottobmx above him. #decobmx #taknowsdeco more info www.onelovebmx.com and www.decobmx.com take a close look at that TA signature frame out NOW and those WuPEGS out by next Friday.

TA May BMX Plus bmxplusmay2014

WuPEGS are finished and will be shipping on Friday the 28th. More info on specs and to see more pics CLICK HERE and to order BUY NOW.

WuPEGS ribbed sides WuPEGS boxed WuPEGS 2 holes

Check out Chad D with a lil session inside his shop Mr. B’s in Longwood Florida and CLICK HERE for more cool stuff as seen on www.profileracing.com

Chad D Ice cream spin Chad D bar dip

Mat Olson is back home and so excited doing supermans at one legit park. #decobmx #matknowsdeco

Mat Olson superman

Matt Coplon spreading the wall indoors @profile_racing #polarsessions trip to 3rd lair in Minneapolis pic by @bengaustin #decobmx #mattknowsdeco

Coplon foot 3rd lair @bengaustin Matt Coplon spreading the wall indoors @profile_racing #polarsessions trip to 3rd lair in Minneapolis pic by @bengaustin #decobmx #mattknowsdeco

Check out Tom Villarreal 1:16 and crew in this new edit with some smooth looping beats.

Sneak peak at the Self Titled Street frame coming this summer. Changes are 75 headtube, 13.25 rear end 13 slammed, grind plates, top gusset for strength, and rear triangle compatible for 2.4 tire clearance. Colors in the works, thinking of Raw, Clear Purple, Great Gatsby Yellow, and Black. Stay tuned and start drooling.
Self titled street frame

New snapbacks

Moment of ZEN