The summer is never a bummer but the heat is here so its planning time and making all happen without pushing it. This year is looking to be one of the best ever. I guess being excited about Baco Jam after being banned from there and escorted out with a ton of police and told never to return. Then finishing the Baco documentary and premiering it at Voodoo jams 10th year going. To follow more and understand all things BACO CLICK HERE. Deco dropping some new products and more mid summer and even more late summer is enough to get excited about. but it doesn’t stop there, the team is killing it, the flow guys are stepping up, and the supporters are showing a ton of love for everything were doing. I’m not in it to win it but more here for the love. With skatepark scraps from Karl absolutely killing it to Coplon clicking tabes to Mat Olson giving away hats, reason enough to stay tuned and get involved with this weeks post. Roof session day trip. Francas is coming up. Cheetah for ya ass. NEW FuBars with lower cross bar. Happy happy Bday to Matt Coplon. Chad D and the sports medicine day with PowerBar. Thomas Noyer getting it in before Fise. Baco front brake trophy for front brake winner with the FuForks. Keep in mind to support your local shop, and if you don’t have one we can still get you set up with the good stuff HERE.  Enjoy the rest of the week everyone. -Chad D Continue reading

My family has a given nickname for one of my uncles and it got passed onto my older brother Paul which is “Digger”. Very questionable its origin. But..when we were kids we loved to make fun of my brother and his pride for his nickname. He does have a big nose and he would dig it out all the time so it was a running joke that is how he got his nickname. Well it was time for him to get married and the whole family was there getting all hosed up and eating a formal dinner. Then it happened, the waiter, who is black, finally asked my dad why we all call a white boy “N*gger”? My dad couldn’t stop laughing and all of us to, he had to tell him his nickname is Digger not the “N” word. On a side note my dad gave him a bag of Wisconsin cheese curds and he quickly became our best friend. So with all this racist stuff in the news from LA Clippers owner to the Washington Redskins, maybe this huge beef recall is getting pushed under the rug and stop using your meat gun to make jerky till we figure out what skin wall tires really mean and that all stereotypes mean something. START-Tom is insane with this 360 gap down stairs in camo attire. Chad D is working his house out for an edit coming soon. Lee and the phoenix whip video. Baco Jam, get there…tick tock its just around the corner. Also related is the Baco premier in the Big Easy so book a room and make sure to see the Voodoo Jam 10 years running. Thomas Noyer and the summer camp. Chad doing bmxtrickstars shows. Carlos in Malaga. Have a safe and long weekend bubs. -Chad D Continue reading

Not to start like a Debbie downer but this week was nuts with a 2×4 hitting me in the head then a snake bit me and to top it off while riding I looped out and rode it all the way to my elbow. Damn life gets you sometimes and shakes you up. To brighten things up I found Coors the Banquet beer in a handsome aluminum bottle which I’m not sure what this is but its helping me write this crap your about to read. To start you need to fart or try whiplashes with TA. To read is to need to wear a helmet when your doing something real nuts. To ride and to slide like Tom Villarreal how to on rails. Its better to be Stacked than get jacked with the grand opening  in Riverside. Taylor Bonds responds to twitter. Baco church lot is the spot and the jam is going to be ham. Did  you get the reminder for Voodoo jam? New parts will bring on the farts next week. Have a great weekend and stay safe, unless you have a plan. -Chad D
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Living in Florida makes it tough to visit my pops back in Green Bay but when I do its so good. This story starts with plans to get back to ride and see people and most importantly see dad. We usually  kick it in the garage and crack a few brews and talk some shit. This time I noticed his shoes, it struck me as odd the side said SOAP on them. Had to do a double take to make sure this was right then I had to burst out into laughter as my dad was very curious of what was going on and wanted to know more. I asked him where he got them, Wal Mart tent sale. He got one hell of a steal on them and said they fit great and his feet like them but most important the right size which he has monster 14 extra wide feet. After I explained what the shoes were made for he really started laughing mostly cause he didn’t understand why you would pretend like your skateboarding or something but with no board. So many more questions were asked and I also told him how dorky the sport (if you can call it that) is, kinda like scooters and other dumb shit. He did assure me he wasn’t going to grind or slide on anything with those shoes on but will still wear them cause they fit great. Thanks to SOAP shoes for making my dad happy and making me smile. START-Tim Knoll with his perspective. Coplon putting in work and it shows. Tsutomu winning. Baco Jam reminder. Banned and Deco in Sarasota. Musselwhite shows. Taylor tech bonds. Mat Olson bridge ride banners out now. Chad old flat switch today. Olson and crew shredding one hell of a spot. END- Chad D
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Inspiration can come from perspiration. Or it can come from a good feeling edit like with Matt Closson. He stepped it up and make this one count for his welcome edit so take a look. TA has been in Trinidad recently with a solid placing finish but what really stands out are the pics of his signature tricks in perfect form and representing like he knows how. Green Bay Wisconsin has been on the map with football but now an indoor spot that is really bike friendly and note that the ramps are from the closed down Lake Owen Camp. Sad to see the place go with such a great place but look up and smell the roses as GBASO is only going to get better so if your in the midwest hit it up and cruise down the street to Lambeau field to see some history. Thomas Noyer has been getting involved with his dudes by throwing on masks and…check it out and new pics from a North France jam. Musselwhite is up to it again, this time the Mantis as he calls it, his new creation will be on film soon enough to drool over. Mat Olson and the pump track, you have seen it, but now see him just tease you with a few tricks. Coplon in Georgia spreading and shredding as usual. TA and a quarter pipe tailwhip? Check it out. Chad D and good food…and on carpet…and no fat people? Hiroshi keeping it real with the decade with a ton of people in support. AND a Zen moment with a tree. Have a good one everyone and know everything happens for a reason. -Chad “Coach” D Continue reading