Rough week due to moving the Deco offices and sorting all things out. But next week its back to normal and what a surprise to see the camo seats and tie dye caps along with the new lower cross bar FuBars. Did get a letter from a concerned person about a team rider who is pushing kids around and supporting drugs at skateparks, not sure how to answer back on this one but I am sure after a few hits of acid I will figure it out. Wade Lajlar is a bad ass as you can see from the first clip. TA has been on the move and as you read this he is Mexican. Coplon stepped up his game with a bunch of pics and did you see his instagram vid? Damn clean and that last one is big. TA has a great interview so click and read away. Snapbacks are in 5 colors, what the heck? Chad D house edit, finally. WuPEGs are the shit but out of black, good thing clear ano is still available. Tie dye top caps will be here real soon, these are bad azzzz. Have a good and safe one and stay off them drugs. -Chad D
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Happy Fathers Day to all you fathers out there whether you know your a father or not and specially if your for sure your a father. This weekend is for you. So go out and breed and make more kids so that would mean more celebration and more gifts right? Also start the celebration with Ride BMX 200th issue and we decided to do a half page to support the mag with Mat Olson bridge ride care of Travis Kincaid pic sequence. Lots of new products here and in the works including the best bar ends ever USA materials and made. Tim Knoll is going to blow you away, I had to watch his new edit 10 times to try and figure a few of those moves out. Baco push it to 11 in New Orleans, you still have time to get there. NEW Scott Weaver postcards. Coplon wall and surf. Snapbacks fully in stock with a bunch of colors available. Cheetah seats almost sold out. Few weeks old but Tom V skid to 360 is dope. Our store is open online. And your moment of Zen, screw them e cig birds, go old school and light it up. -Chad D Continue reading

New products, millions of pics, summer is here. This weeks post is pretty incredible from all angles. Starting with a big Happy Birthday to Tom Villarreal, check out the wall ride to begin this. Real leather seats are back in and only 3 left, also new 2 color classic snapbacks in stock and Camo is available. Musselwhite is killing the shows, stacking them up non stop doing it all while waiting for his baby to pop. TA and hot wheels? Taylor Bonds instagram video, the chill one hand table is amazing. Baco is pushing it to 11 with the documentary premier at Voodoo jam in New Orleans. Also the Baco Jam went down, front brakes and all, was nuts. New products and restock ready to ship DECOrations for your bike and your body. Also new is the bar ends pac man clamp man style, peep the pics below and know they will be out soon. TA in LA. Coplon and crew FBM style trip with dates posted and Woodward sesh. Tsutomu and Gshock. Coplon and the high speed feeble. Thomas Noyer at FISE. And updated pics of the Succubus Lite Navy and Florida Blue colors. Is it hot yet, ohh hell ya it is, and were bring even more heat. Have a good one. -Chad D Continue reading