Is it weird to say I am giddy for some special events coming up real soon starting off with Voodoo Jam in NOLA where I married my lovely HOT ASS wife in Jackson Square and the Premier of the Baco Documentary to kick off Friday? To help it out the kids will be with us to enjoy the food, wild life in the french quarter, and thanks to Gma we will have the nights to let loose and stay out cause no one tells you to go home since there is no bar time. So many people are coming to enjoy everything planned and that is exciting, flyers way down on this post if you haven’t seen them already and take note Voodoo sells out tics and Baco doc is a limited run…so act now. Thinking about the new Madera edit with TV, Josh and crew kill it in a fun and original way so watch it 100 times. TBR has teamed up with FLBMX to make a huge effort to show what is going on in Florida. Mr Jones hit us with some photoshop of Mat Olson doing what he does best clicking everything and this time with a mountain view. Matt Closson has been crushing on 20’s for the BLNTD trailer and video. Pusher does it right in the mountains, thanks to Mark Rainha for the pics and good vibes. Girls of Japan, Tsutomu and Hiroshi doing some wild music festival and the ladies and star wars heads love it. Get so excited get giddy get it and get with it…so much fun is coming up so stay tuned and make an effort to be a part. -END Chad DeGroot Continue reading

Look how you want to be seen and no regrets. This is how the Documentary turned out after 28 years of filming and creating a lifestyle and personality in BMX with the Baco videos. From the ground breaking riding to the filming to the endless humor this video pushes it to 11 where most people would only go to 10…maybe. Check out all things baco on the link below and stay tuned to a premier near you. Win a Madera stem via Raskils_app with Tom V picking the lucky winner. Sore, well let TA and tiger balm help your situation, check out Terry’s new amazing edit and the manuel whip was awesome. Lee Musselwhite shows galore, doing what he does and his newest creation the battle. Also more info on his sample frame, pics, and more coming soon…trying to get all info before we post it up. Maiden America with Matt Coplon and the FBM crew, great edit and bad ass riding. Genius Bars are back in stock and new 9″ rise size in Raw and Gloss black or Japan Gross Black. Mat Olson 7th street bridge ride TV interview. Tsutomu new Voodoo banners out now. Denver crew hitting the streets with Taylor Bonds. Thomas Noyer getting more dialed than ever if that is possible. Coplon bike check on QBMX. Closson can do past clicked turndowns. More more more more…so search around and read up and get updated so you can chill this weekend…have a good one everyone. -Chad D Continue reading

Its hard to get into a story or some intro when the main attraction is the new Deco self titled street frame and its paint job, scroll down to see that bad boy and know its a powder coat. Next would be the love we have been getting on our Facebook page with clearing the 10k mark, lots of thanks for the support all across the board. Being in the 5th year were making some moves all over and teaming up with Baco Designs with the Documentary premiers going down all August long, will have the final list so you know where to see it but for now its in New Orleans, Longwood Florida, Austin, Appleton Wisconsin, NYC, and more to come soon. You don’t want to miss this viewing but if you do they will be for sale the first week of August. Deco bonus footage, edits, and more all for your collection. Now the team, Coplon starts it off and still hustling and running from the rain with some amazing pics and his ever so nice tables and spots make you ¬†wonder if this cat sleeps. Raskils hits you with Wade Lajlar getting you a free seat just for posting up a superman. BMX Plus and team rider TA’s wife rocking the Deco logo tee and tally tees in the new issue. Ham Jam, go get some ham and pork it up at the south Florida jam by Brian Fox. Same day is the premier of Baco Doc at Mr. B’s and all day jam. Check out that paint, we offer the new paint on any size and model frame with one month turn around and pre book so hit up for more info and know the new order of Camo seats will be here in a month, tie dye fork caps, camo pedals, and more good good stuff including red white and blue patch snapback hats. How is that for a Boom chicly BOOM BOOM? Have a great weekend and stay dry unless you want to be wet. -Chad D Continue reading

This week is actually last two weeks post since Dewd tour tied me up and this birthday of good old Merica, but that doesn’t mean it will be watered down and actually loaded to the gills and spilling over with on some of that OHH SHIT. Start- Happy Bday USA. Then onto Effraim with some quick links, so pumping and stalling just straight up business. Chad D new Profile ad over toof on the clam. USA swirl grips that are soft as kittens and chewy as marshmallows. Mr. Filth hits you hard with some rocket ¬†style in his new edit, this one is amazing. Closson doing wild wall rides and even up rail to wall ride. TA plastic man in LA. New powder coat frame wrapped all nuts n shit. Texas Toast, Voodoo, Baco premier now you know where were doing this disco. Rad Dad Chad in Mr. B’s. Coplon on that weekend tip not using the weak end x up style abbacy. National night out, support your local park and good things happen. Xgames soda. Baco a go go on ESPN. That guy on survivor, that sounds like his name… END-Chad D
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