One of those weeks where you work so hard and do so much but then when its time to do this post I came up short. Still going to put it up and amaze you. The jams have slown down but Juke Jam is coming up and looks to be pretty damn amazing. How can an interview hosted by Crandall be bad, read up and peep the pics on the Chris Rye interview on the Baco Doc. Matt Closson is so good at table 3’s. Facebook is being a little crappy so we can’t embed the videos of the week, so you have to click on a few and check out page, always good.  The Tim Knoll in Korea video is long and worth it all, hope it embeds OK. TA getting some coverage this time in PLUS doing what he does best. This is a long weekend so use your bell end and not your weak end…the end. -Chad D Continue reading

I don’t usually post on youtube because of music clearance but then we ran into Prime8 slamming down some original beats, Chris Rye cuts, and Tsutomu flatland slaying. Check his edit a few times on our youtube channel. Baco doing it again this time in Appleton for the premier in the midwest on Freimuth home turf and the city where most of the Baco and Props went down. Peg tricks care of Raskils_app. Still a great week, be original, you can go your own way. Thanks for the support…. -Chad D Continue reading

Baco month of premiers, NOLA was nuts, Longwood Mr. B’s was nuts, so many  more coming all month long so check the dates and make it out or hit up the site to see how to get the box set and make your life complete. Best of Orlando invited us to ride on their stage, we did, we rode and drank and they let us sponsor it. Tsutomu in Saint Petersburg. Coplon on the wall again. Facebook vids galore this week. Lee Musselwhite and the Mantis. Short and sweet, got to get to the comedy club bub. -Chad D Continue reading

Oh to have a drone and be in Mexico and be on top of a building, TA starts this weeks post  laying it down so smooth from Mexico city. Sure as shit you heard of Voodoo jam, its a wrap, it was amazing so check the recap, highlights, and congrats to all riders including Tsutomu and Terry Adams. Coplon hits you with 2. Thomas Noyer jam went off and everyone went nuts. NEW ITEMS IN STOCK, NEW SIZES, AND RESTOCK ITEMS . Baco Documentary premier at Deco headquarters…damn everything is so good. And to top it all off check out this weeks Facebook videos…-END Chad D Continue reading

Its hard to work when I am typing this 20 floors up in the Big Easy, but a man has to do what I have to do. Today is the day, world premier day of the Baco Documentary in NOLA. Saturday will be the 10 year Voodoo Jam, so its a packed weekend for BMX which is only good for BMX. My son and me went out to check out the Santos trails and with a ton of changes from Ray and crew from Rays mountain bike park its amazing and a need to go to place in Ocala Florida. Also I felt the need to share a rope a roni ride out as posted on Facebook. TA has the whip to whip to the pedals both times as filmed by Aaron Ross recent visit. Madera has been killing it with Josh Eilken roof ad, check out his new paint job to. Mat Olson is back and into a funky town split edit. Tsutomu in the Shonan open in Japan pics care of ESPN and Aaron Nardi. Coplon says he has a bum shoulder but that didn’t stop him from this downside foot plant in the SPOT bowl. Scott Weaver and myself at the Best Of Orlando Weekly party. Bangers and Mash Stephen Murray Jam in cali. END. Have a great weekend everyone, its going to be a big one. -Chad D Continue reading