One of those weeks where you work so hard and do so much but then when its time to do this post I came up short. Still going to put it up and amaze you. The jams have slown down but Juke Jam is coming up and looks to be pretty damn amazing. How can an interview hosted by Crandall be bad, read up and peep the pics on the Chris Rye interview on the Baco Doc. Matt Closson is so good at table 3’s. Facebook is being a little crappy so we can’t embed the videos of the week, so you have to click on a few and check out page, always good.  The Tim Knoll in Korea video is long and worth it all, hope it embeds OK. TA getting some coverage this time in PLUS doing what he does best. This is a long weekend so use your bell end and not your weak end…the end. -Chad D

TA mid front wheel switch captured and in BMX Plus magazine.

TA at trans jam reppin


Juke Jam is coming up, get there.

Juke Jam


Damn good interview with Chris Rye on the Baco documentary by Crandall HIT IT HERE

Leastmost interview


Facebook videos for the week…hit the site since were having problems with posting them up here. fb

Tim Knoll going nuts for Korean TV

Moment of ZEN