Each year on the fourth Thursday in November, Americans gather for a day of feasting, football and family. While today’s Thanksgiving celebrations would likely be unrecognizable to attendees of the original 1621 harvest meal, it continues to be a day for Americans to come together around the table—albeit with some updates to pilgrim’s menu. Gobble Gobble bitches. START-New logo on tees and more will be here before Xmas and long sleeves and sweatshirts to. Little different look with Tsutomu, TA and Chad D while in Kobe. Battle in the Rockies write up and pics. IGI edit from the Rockies with Thomas Noyer, Chad D, and crew. Hiroshi edit has a great feel. Coplon through the years. Lug nutty nuts.  Fl-BMX series is almost here. Black Friday discount code. Mat Olson 2x Chandler park hits. TA on that smooth tip. Matt Closson teaser for his new sprocket. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE. Drink up, eat down, and open your mind. -Chad D Continue reading

Fall is upon us and the holidays are approaching quickly so were going to start with Karl Poynter skidding up leaves and keeping his smooth style in his FALL SESSIONS edit online. With how much Matt Colpon rides he is bound to run into some characters, check out what he did with this request. Terry Adams has a sweet interview on Red Bull site so find out what he is up to and his new Torque edit. Taylor Bonds is loving his new Self Titled Street Frame and it shows with him blasting a chill one hander at his winter indoor spot in Denver. Kendamas are in stock and all the online shop is up to date. Insta vids this week by Terry Adams, Thomas Noyer, Chad DeGroot, Mat Olson, Tom Villarreal, Karl Poynter, and ? Everyone have a great weekend and don’t let your week end to quickly. Holla and fart. -Chad D Continue reading

The cold has really set in across the USA and the world. Now is the time for indoor skateparks, private flatland spots, or just move to south Cali, Florida, or southern states for the winter to keep on those two wheels. Damn its cold out right now as I am writing this from Coloradeco. So to start with Tom Villarreal on Alans backyard ramp with some clean lines and smooth style. TA is riding for Torque clothing and his new edit is incredible so check it below. Mat Olson almost shattered his nipples. And he is donating his teeth. Josh Eilken is an old sport on the great gasby yellow Self Titled Street frame. Matt Coplon has 4 pics below with great captions to spark your interest. Taylor Bonds is our only insta vid but its a really really good on. Take care of yourself and each other. -Jerry Springer Continue reading

2015 in 2014, yup that is right. Were crazy enough to say that. Damn ham coo coo. Check out all the new goods, colors, and what is good and what you need for the end of 2014. Tom Villarreal was spotted in a backyard with Coplon riding some tight ramps. TA does really good whoppers and also check his vid, no brakes is looking good on him. Mat Olson it taking care of Austin and still doing some shows here and there. BMX Plus gave Baco Doc and Deco some love in the new issue. Thomas Noyer shows you why he got the invite to Battle in the Rockies. Karl Poynter loves the Action Bars pegs sliding easily on the curved rail. Be sure to click around and hit up the photos and videos, this week was awesome. Stay warm where ever you are. -Chad D Continue reading

As I sit here with the travel times messing with me, only people up are my cats. They love it that I am up super early and wanting to play. But I would rather be sleeping and catching up on some Z’s but that isn’t happening. So for this week I’m am just giving you a sample of the Flatark in Japan because there is a ton more coming soon with pics and videos. Little more on the Hawaii trip as seen on Profile racing.  Tim Knoll on Jay Leno winning the bike limbo. ITs cold out so get a new beanie and keep the sun out with the visor version. America’s got talent with Scott Weaver, more to come with the 3 stage this weekend of tryouts. Chad D does what no man has done with a hip thrust Kendama. The LIST in Milwaukee is going down soon. Voodoo Jam recap from Mickey_G. And lastly the new order will be here next week so the camo seats, red pedals, TA new color signature frames, and the long awaited Self Titled Street frame will be ready to ship. HOLLA. -Chad D Continue reading