This week in review and a ton more just below.  So much going on and going down from Texass Toast on The Hundreds and team riders Tom Villarreal and Matt Closson holding it down. FL BMX series is posted so get out and get some cause there are plenty of stops and you know Florideco is great in the winter. Tsutomu getting it down, check the video. Coplon in Providence with some great words. TA, Tom, Olson doing it for the instagram vids. Voodoo throwback with Kitayama, Chad D peg decade. Mat Olson is done with shows…check the pics of the spine flip turndown. Next week is a big one with Flatark and Japan plus a ton more around the world. And next month is the Battle in the Rockies. Send in your Deco related pics and I will try and get them up…thanks. -Chad D Continue reading

Being halfway across the world in the best place ever Hawaii and in Kona on the Big Island is truly amazing but to dumb it down due to a hurricane coming our way. Not sure what to think but were here to do a show and with a surprise guest of Sir Elton John this should be rad bringing BMX to yet another side of society in a great and entertaining way. This is all happening while I really should be at Texas Toast accepting award for best video but I am sure HOLY FIT or Markit will take it. Got to make moves and take it as it comes my way and Hawaii is not a problem saying YES to. With this said Flatark is next week and if you know the globe after this hurricane hits Hawaii and I get out, not sure when, then it will be going towards Japan which I will be at for a week right near this time to. Wish I had a crystal ball to tell me the future but were riding it out and running it like nothing is going to happen like we should. Check out my pics below and next week once I get them all up. But for now hit up the first video of TA and wife Vanessa’s butt. Gotta love Mat Olson and his drive doing Texas State Fair shows and putting a lot of extra effort with help of photographer @jp_bikes getting these rad as all hell pics over to us. Check out our Hawaii pics so far with Scott Weaver, Rob Nolli, Kirk Baily, and myself.  Since Texas Toast is going on you know next weeks post is going to be absolutely amazing with Tom Villarreal and Matt Closson holding it down for Deco. Keep you updated on my situation so follow me on Facebook and all over as I will know more tomorrow if were under 30 foot waves or just drinking fireball and laughing or both. Take care everyone…  -Chad D Continue reading

BMX has a lot of history since being around from the early 70’s and things come and go as well as come back around. What I am getting at is the DVD is making a come back which it should and individuals are putting more time into projects like books. Matt Coplon just dropped his book which just makes sense as he went to school and has written tons since college. Check out the HOLY FIT 200 page book and dvd which is around $20, can’t understand how they can get it out so cheap but its a part of history releasing this and the Baco documentary including a 20 page book. Pretty sure these new kids don’t want to read so they don’t have to but I always will and will appreciate the content and extras companies and people are putting out. Let get started with the Game of Bike with Matt Closson, can’t wait for the video to come out as the pics are amazing. Matt Coplon put a twist on his book release with an edit that is bad ass and the 180 onto the roof and down I saw in person and it was scary as hell. Mat Olson is doing shows and working the open loop in Texas. Tim Knoll can grind his cross bar in Milwaukee. TA, Taylor, and Poynter hit you on insta vids below 15 secs each packing em tight. New order will  be here by the 1st of Nov and featured is the camo seat with all the specs. Pac Ends are on the way to USA style bar ends.  Have a golden one everyone…holla. -Chad D Continue reading

If your not looking like your having a good time with what your doing your not having a good time. How can you not smile by seeing Matt Closson with a wild dirt whip. Coplon can write one hell of a story but it all comes natural with this new photo that has so much going on. Closson will be at Texas Toast blasting and doing tables like he knows how. Don’t fake excited as you can see from Taylor Bonds, I would do the same bike toss if I pulled the arm slide to bars. Musselwhite and the downside. That’s just the start, videos and more pics so scroll down and see what this week was like #decobmx . Lastly hit up with your favorite Deco related pic or video. We will post it up. NEED YOUR HELP here, we want to post up your BEST Deco related pic, tattoo, spray paint, bike part, tee, scar, trick…anything but it has to be the best. We will feature it but you have to send it to with a caption. You can even turn in a friend, passed out, sleeping, or other…GAME ON. -Chad D

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New shipment of TA frames in new sizes, few changes, but the real colors are Cockatoo, matte white, camo, wood grain, and gloss black. Self Titled street frames with grind plates, top gusset, 75 head tube, and raw clear, clear purple, matte white, and glossy yellow colors. Red PC pedals. Sweet lug nuts. Camo seats. Just a few things that will be here on November 1st. Congrats to TA for getting the cover of Bike Magazin. Also congrats to Thomas Noyer winning a trip to Battle in the Rockies, check his one minute video below to see why he is invited. Mat Olson is back doing shows on the open loop, the pic of him and Morgan Wade toothless doing dubs on it. Chad D behind the scenes part 2 and 3 on ESPN. Money Clip Mondays with Matt Closson video. Ride Mag doing Nora cup, you know who to vote for and don’t forget to give Baco 11 a push. Instagram vids of this week are up. Stay on our Facebook and instagram for the good updates. Where Brooklyn at? Have a good one bubs…-Chad D Continue reading

In her bike or interbike has come and gone…hope everyone had fun there and if you didn’t make it you got your fill online. Check out our instagram vids. Battle in the rockies entries from Lee, Thomas, and Tsutomu. Matt Coplon gets around cali and sticks to walls. Short and sweet is this meat. Have a great weekend and thanks for the support you. -Chad D Continue reading

Interbike is coming up so people are all scrambling to show off their surprises, well we have a few of our own with the TA and the Self Titled street frames dropping just about a month away. Other new items are the camo seats, red pedals, axle nuts, wider rim strips, and the long awaited pac man bar ends. So to start this post Chad D with the help of Chris Rye threw together a throwback of some of the best flatland from Chad in the Baco vids. Also covering the Baco doc is ESPN behind the scenes. Tsutomu and brother at sunset. Mat Olson is back on the horse and looking like he never fell off. Taylor bonds found some dirt and some wood, put it together. Matt Closson is filming for numerous videos so here is a teaser. Karl on the street flow video. TBR new edit has tons to watch with a lot of good people. Chad D pivot to dark side. And some pics of the new TA frame available in numerous  colors. Take a look at our store as well to see some changes, additions, and other deals and steals. Juke Jam is coming up, then Brooklyn Dew Tour, and Jam Chowder so make it to one or all of them. HOLLA. -Chad D Continue reading

One of those weeks where you work so hard and do so much but then when its time to do this post I came up short. Still going to put it up and amaze you. The jams have slown down but Juke Jam is coming up and looks to be pretty damn amazing. How can an interview hosted by Crandall be bad, read up and peep the pics on the Chris Rye interview on the Baco Doc. Matt Closson is so good at table 3’s. Facebook is being a little crappy so we can’t embed the videos of the week, so you have to click on a few and check out page, always good.  The Tim Knoll in Korea video is long and worth it all, hope it embeds OK. TA getting some coverage this time in PLUS doing what he does best. This is a long weekend so use your bell end and not your weak end…the end. -Chad D Continue reading

I don’t usually post on youtube because of music clearance but then we ran into Prime8 slamming down some original beats, Chris Rye cuts, and Tsutomu flatland slaying. Check his edit a few times on our youtube channel. Baco doing it again this time in Appleton for the premier in the midwest on Freimuth home turf and the city where most of the Baco and Props went down. Peg tricks care of Raskils_app. Still a great week, be original, you can go your own way. Thanks for the support…. -Chad D Continue reading