Each week I think the post for the week is going to slack, but it never does and this week it is so packed  full of good stuff I am happy as hell. Get at this first edit with THE DUKE and DeGroot at a free cement park killing it. TA and Scott O breaking and entering to ride that unique spot. Tie dye game on with posts and clamps. Japanese fashion magazine doing a spread with Tsutomu. Hutch sticker sheets are here and in Gold and Silver ready to ship. Jumelin on a Camo seat. Mat Olson trails life. Matt Coplon full day. Closson in front of Wes McGrath with a hop whip. Flat Jam. FL-BMX jam. Jam Jam. Jimmy Jam. Blood n Guts jam. And your instagram vids of the week are the best yet…damn. Stay warm or go where its warm…I did. -Chad D Continue reading

If I leave here tomorrow Would you still remember me? For I must be traveling on, now ‘Cause there’s too many places I’ve got to see But, if I stayed here with you, girl Things just couldn’t be the same ‘Cause I’m as free as a bird now And this bird, you can not change Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

And the bird you cannot change And this bird you cannot change Lord knows, I cant change
Bye, bye, baby it’s been a sweet love Yeah, yeah Though this feeling I can’t change But please don’t take it so badly ‘Cause the Lord knows I’m to blame But, if I stayed here with you girl Things just couldn’t be the same ‘Cause I’m as free as a bird now And this bird, you’ll can not change Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh And this bird you cannot change And this bird you cannot change Lord knows, I can’t change Lord help me, I can’t change Lord I can’t change Won’t you fly high, free bird, yeah? Square Pop parts. Mat Olson halftime mascot. Lee Musselwhite underground. Matt Closson flip. Robert does great turndowns. SPoT Roast highlights video. Tim Knoll world record limbo. Baco Wisconsin Film festival? Matt Coplon in PLUS. ONE LOVE Jam. See your a Free Bird so please fly now. -Chad D Continue reading

Start with a thank you to all the nominees, supporters, and riders all over the world who voted for DecoBMX BRAND OF THE YEAR 2014. Check out everything were helping out with or riding in, check the flyers below. Scott Weaver is killing the show circuit with BMX Trick Stars. CAMO logo grips, camo fork caps which fit 80% of bmx forks, and tie dye seat post clamps almost done for the new new. Matt Closson is really good at gap to mannie rails. Alejandro new edit. Robert Routley Muncie edit. Instagram instavids from Terry Adams, Tom Villarreal, Karl Poynter, Chad DeGroot, Matt Coplon, Taylor Bonds, and Mat Olson. Have a great weekend bubs. -Chad D Continue reading

Should I talk about the weather? or politics? or what? hell no lets start with the SPOT Roast which started out by having a sweet jam and serving you lunch. So most of the sponsors were food. We all gots ta eat right? Well this one is going down right now and YES there is sponsored food still. Expect more than a few edits and tons of pics flooding the inter web on this son.  Chad D doing a promo for the Self Titled Street frame edit. Coplon has spots, from bricks to fences to everything in his way he makes it his way. Check out what Tim Knoll is up to this time. Hiroshi is a good friend, so it was easy to introduce another good friend Aaron Nardi to him and they hit it off for this new The Hundreds with the life of Hiroshi…hard to sum it up in words and pics but Aaron does one hell of a job of this and big ups to Hirioshi for being a straight up G. More Coplon spots, now your feeling huh? feeling his spots since your in snow and shit, Matt will make you jealous and this one ditch is so good, check it out. TA and Scott O go spot hunting, not for the new tricks but for the memories and spots of Katrina…what is left. The grocery store, read up about my adventure. AND your insta vids of the week are not weak…enjoy everything you do or don’t do it anymore… -Chad D Continue reading

Welcome to 2015 bubs. This week has mostly 2014 but a few new things popped up today so scroll down and take a look see. Coplon loves jumping through trees. Chad D puts down part 1 of 2014. Stacked parking lot jam with Matt Closson. TA tiger balm edit is great. Watch the best of videos of 2014 below. Karl at Ray’s and a double pole jam. BRRRRR jam. And your instavids of the week. Stay classy and stay sassy in 2015…welcome. -Chad D Continue reading