This is going up  early due to Frostbike in Minneapolis this weekend. So get excited early but recapping and seeing the good stuff right heeeeeaw. TA at the Wirts warehouse throwing it down. Taylor Bonds mustachio. Lee is a flatlander man. ABC of flatland with Thomas Noyer.  Adam LZ bike check in a boat and more. Tsutomu ultimate trick. Chad D double pivot to back mannie. Also BMX Plus two pager all year long. Get into the jams were into. AND the instavids are posted so get into them with TA, Chad D, Taylor, Coplon, and high speed Closson. -Chad D Continue reading

Coming out swinging these first few weeks of 2015 and this weekly post will not disappoint. Well unless your not lucky enough to read and enjoy this. But then again you would not be reading this if. 

Tang hitting it hard with some precision switches and street moves. Chad D on the darkside tip. Metal bar ends USA made. Coplon weekender. Chad D 3’s for this year. Lee and the duo. Check out the flyers for jams and events were supporting and attending. Be sure to check out all the instagram vids as those are my favorites for this week. Share, follow, like, and tell everyone the good work about #decobmx. Have a good and long weekend. Thanks. -Chad D Continue reading