Instagram got hit hard this week with the Arizona trip with Terry Adams and myself. Also check out Tsutomu on a 16″ bike as a new Super Kid. Mat Olson riding the dirt of the monster jam area. Lee Musselwhite in Seminal. Thomas Noyer is so smooth. Teaser for Lee Musselwhite’s new edit. And a crash you will have to watch a few times in Japan. Arizona edit is so  smooth and TA can do so many whips. Real leather seats arrived USA made. CAMO fork caps upgrade your ride. Tom Villarreal celestial color way from Madera. Coplon rail scare and DIY spot with an oppo table. Congrats to Karl Poynter on the new gig. #decobmx @decobmx YouTube Decobmx09…now you know. -Chad D Continue reading

Is summer here or what? Sorry all of you still getting the sky dandruff…but to start we have Coplon and crew in Miami. Mat Olson on that rail hop, busting Denver, and instavids galore. Lee Musselwhite and his Eagle trick. Closson throw aways, Coplon, TA hitchhiker spins, Thomas Noyer from a year ago…and the new TA action with some hot hands. #decobmx 
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No frills just chills. Thomas Noyer might work full time but he got in the ABC jam and some great pics from Maxime. Congrats to podium Mat Olson, Nic Bonner, and AJ at Evolve. Take another look at Mat Olson crazy bridge ride. Tsutomu signature JACKPOT frame in production and landing summer 2015 in raw clear gold, raw clear blue, and matte army green. Four styles of camo in the new deco PC pedals to fill all your needs. Baco crew has done it again, this time Wisconsin film festival two prime time showings of the Documentary. FL-BMX series in Abacoa pics are up on BMX Union. Mat Olson can flair anything. And your instavids for the week with: Taylor Bonds, Chad D, Wade Lajlar, Matt Closson, Chad D, and Tom Villarreal. Go spring your break…holla…-Chad D Continue reading

Keep and eye out for the events happening this weekend in Denver and Jupiter. More later this month and early next month…flyers below. Always updated and always supporting the good. The Come Up got with Tom Villarreal for an entertaining bike check. Coplon 3’s never letting you down, always great pics, always 3 of them. February Flatland by Master Blaster Planet, Chad D in a Kids book called Cycling doing an X foot nose wheelie. Matt Closson upright to whip pic and his lil instavid is crazy, check it. Cool cubes and camo backpacks new products for this week. Chad D and the ride out. Love this pic by Coplon for the Moment of Zen. -Chad D Continue reading