Holy hell this weeks post could one of the most stacked ones I have ever done. Is it cause its warm? Rainy? Hot? Sticky? Icky? whatever the deal here is the steal. I will try to break it down but best way is to scroll it down and get out a fine tooth comb as there is so much Deco goodness. Think of the best shit ever…that is Deco. Click on links, watch MR. B’s street ride, watch the boys at Trey’s backyard. ESPN and Chad DeGroot BOB keeps dropping bombs. Happy happy Birthday to Matt Coplon and his 8 hour edit. Terry Adams was in town and not only riding flatland. Matt Closson tour guide. Thomas Noyer holding it down at Fise. Karl Poynter Q and A (get on this quick as you can ask him anything, I mean anything…and he has to answer). Have a great weekend and don’t ever let it end. -Chad D  Continue reading

Gonna keep the words short and sweet this week. Actually a few days behind since there was so much going on and its going to pour over into next week so keep following @decobmx instagram and be on the lookout for what happened this week. Damn good productive week almost like we all passed the class with A’s. Scroll down and enjoy and check back often. Have a great and safe long weekend bubs. Holla. -Chad D
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Was looking at my shop Mr. B’s today and saw a fight between a few gangs of dust bunnies, couple spiders, and some long millipede thing. So…spring cleaning started. Pretty sure I could have taken all the dust and hair and somehow made a whole t-shirt out of it. Did you know that back in the day  they wore shirts made of hair? Believe that. How fun would that be wearing a hair shirt, as long as its not the bad hair if you know what I mean. War Party to start this clean post off with Coplon and good friend Sass fingers…check it. BMX Plus gave me 2 pages a month to do whatever I want. Coplon is on fire this week. Mat Olson video from Mexico city and his best trick win. Florida Flatlanders at it again. Thomas Noyer winning battle of the nations then spinning and smooth crazy for his individual run at Bike Days in Switzerland. Closson and Markit Zero friends section. Few flyers for upcoming events like BYOB and Flatland Citrus Jam. Hit up them instavids, they did not let down this week. Stay clean, check every nook and crack. Bring on this heat. -Chad D Continue reading

Summer is almost here which means there is going to be a lot of BMX in the air. You may have noticed a ton of edits this week from the Deco crew. No down time, no time to be down. Pumping up this weeks jam is the Madera crew with Tom Villarreal and Josh Eilken make it fresh. Mat Olson pulls a first with a no handed flair at the Factory in Minneapolis. Chad D and Corey split edit is jibtastic. Chad D Saturdays, who doesn’t love 5 days of work and one whole day to play. Matt Closson is almost done filming for BLNTD and his section is going to be nuts. Matt Coplon and exercise rails, grind them all. Flatland seat is here and shipping in three versions and also the 135mm Tie Dye seatposts. Citrus jam is coming up. BYOB jam next stop is near. And the Mr. B’s street jam is a must to attend. Tom V dip hip tuck. Matt Coplon the struggle after work. TA throwback but you need to see this again. Tom V one of his best moments in BMX. Check out our instagram DecoBMX, subscribe to our youtube channel DecoBMX09, and hit our Facebook to fill in the blanks. Summmmmmmmmmmmmmer is HEEEEEEEEEEAAWW. -Chad D Continue reading

Your going to have to write your own story this week. So much going on I would be here till next weeks post. Please enjoy the March/April video, subscribe to our Youtube channel DecoBMX09, tons of instavids, Congrats to Mat Olson and Terry Adams, Matt Coplon in Richmond, Chad D Bikes Over Baghdad, check these parts out, Profile Z Coaster explained and out now. #DECOBMX -Chad D Continue reading